Boxed Again!

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I bought a boxed PC game. All I know is that I started buying digital games since February of 2009 from Steam.

Steam is awesome! They offered me another way of buying games, not wasting any of my time and money driving to big box stores. But their deals is what I really love about them. Because they offer new games, not bargain bin games, tagged with cheap-as-dirt prices.

But Steam’s current Summer Sale has failed in goading me to buy a digital copy of Dragon Age II from them. Not their fault though. Dragon Age II for $36 is enticing. But I got a better offer from Best Buy:

This is one of the best deals I've seen.

Dragon Age II for less than $6!

The game wasn’t really that cheap. It’s original price was $35. Except I used a $30 Reward Zone certificate, which I found in my sister’s glove box. Since she didn’t really need it, I asked for it. Hence, a cheap-o game.

I don’t have some spare time to play the game though. But I’ll dip my gaming fingers soon enough into it.


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