DCU Reboot: Love or Loathe?

So, last Monday, DC comics announced that they will reboot the entire DC universe, revamping 52 of their titles –including the trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman)– starting this September. Even though I don’t read a lot of DC titles, this news put quite a shock into my system.

This is a pretty ballsy move for DC (and one that could even end them). Some of the DC fans that I know of (which are few, actually) are already ridding their pull list of DC titles. But I understand where DC is coming from. In order to entice new readers, they have to re-invent their decades old characters, make them more modern and accessible. They have to evolve or die.

As for me, I’m still indifferent about DC’s move.

On one hand, I’m excited to see the new DC universe. Like I said earlier, I don’t read a lot of DC titles. That’s because I couldn’t get into them. Unlike Marvel, the DC Universe is not easily accessible to new readers like me. Sure, I know the origins of their characters. But the chasm of what I know between the origin stories and the new stories is too wide and deep for me to jump.

As a case in point, two events were happening during the time I got back into comics: Secret Invasion (Marvel) and Final Crisis (DC). While I have to utilize Wikipedia for some information, I picked up on Secret Invasion fairly quick. Final Crisis, however, was just too convoluted for me to follow, even with the help of wiki and the web, because there were so much I didn’t know about the current state of the DC universe.

The new Justice League of America.

So, the reboot is a chance for DC to clean that dirty slate and start anew. Which will also give new readers a chance to read titles like Green Lantern or the Flash without getting lost and confused.

On the other hand, however, I dread every time I think about this reboot. A lot of DC characters are old, even older than your dad. They have more than 70 years worth of stories. Tales that have changed them and matured them over decades. It’s just a shame that DC is going to wipe it all clean. It seems like a slap in the face to all those who have followed those stories really close throughout those years.

Take the Batman series, for example. While I prefer Bruce Wayne to be the only Batman, I still love what Grant Morrison did to change the mythos. Now, DC is going to discard all those changes. So, Dick Grayson might end up becoming as Robin again, Barbara Gordon will revert back to Batgirl and Damian Wayne will cease to exist. The stories I’ve been following in the last three years will end up going nowhere.

At this point, however, there’s not enough information about this reboot. All we know is that DC will drop 52 #1 issues this September, and none of which I’m interested in besides Batman and Justice League. It remains to be seen if this reboot is good, or if it’s even permanent (nothing in comics stays permanent). But if it’s not to my liking, then my comics pull list will be missing a few DC titles in it.

What about you? What do you think about the DCU reboot? Do you think you’ll love it or loathe it?


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