RIFT Raider!

One of the things I love about being in a mega guild is that there’s always someone trying to form a raid group. So, for an average of 3 hours, these past 3 days, I’ve been doing nothing but closing raid, expert and crafting rifts. Not only it was enjoyable, but it was also very productive.

I earned a lot crafting materials, as well as crafter’s plaques, from those raids. In fact, I got a lot of materials that I put up 5 of my 16 Minor Catalyst to be bid on for only a silver at the auction house. I was drunk that night, and I almost had a stroke when I found out the next day. Luckily, a guildmate bid on it for 2 plats to raise the price, and it ended up selling for 3 plats. Not as much as I wanted, but it’s better than 1 silver. Lesson learned: never use the auction house when drunk.

The raid group that I’ve been running with these past few days also have plans to do Greenscale Blight soon. Some of them have already killed the green fat dragon and knows what to do. But I don’t think I will be able to join them since I don’t have T2 gear yet. I don’t see myself doing a T2 dungeon either. I don’t have time because, instead of raiding, I’ll be reading my eyes off this summer.

I guess it’s off to the Warfronts for me. I’ll just raise my Prestige Rank and earn PvP items, which isn’t bad anymore. This way, I can also keep on reading while waiting for the queue to pop.

Anyways, every Tuesday night, our guild invites the public to join us doing raid, expert and crafting rifts. So, if you want to join us, if you’re a Guardian on Faeblight, please send Foghladha (guild leader) or me (Skron) a tell in-game. I’ll see if we can accommodate you.


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