GTX 460 SE. My new graphics card.

Finally, my computer is now back in working order (or should I say “gaming order” since I don’t really use it for work?). I actually thought I won’t be able to game on my PC until the mid-summer. But luck smiled on me because I found, bid and won a brand new GeForce GTX 460 SE on eBay for $107, and saved about $40.

Although, originally, I was looking for the plain GTX 460, not the SE version (aka the cheap, dumb version). But the deal was just too sweet to pass up. Besides, I wasn’t really trying to upgrade my video card. I was only looking to replace my 9800, which died on me a couple weeks ago. So, the GTX 460 SE was more than what I asked for.  It was cheaper than what I had wanted, and better than what I had before.

I had a hard time installing the card though. Because the old card, the 9800, won’t come off from its slot. Apparently, the tab which secures the old card was too small for my fat fingers to reach. So, I have to carefully push the tab with the point of a small screw driver with all the finesse I could muster –because I could slip and end up scraping the face of my motherboard. But, in the end, or four hours later, I managed to unhinge the dead old card and let the GTX 460 sit into its rightful slot.

I haven’t thoroughly tested the card yet. Right now, however, it’s working fine. I just spent a few hours playing The Witcher 2 (which is an awesome game) and I got an average of 40 fps at 1680 x 1050 with high graphics settings. I want to try playing RIFT with it. Because I really miss the game. But I’d rather finish The Witcher 2 first. So, at the moment, I guess I’ll leave myself wanting RIFT.


9800 Death: RIFT Hiatus

I was turning in a couple of daily quests in RIFT when it dawned on me. I haven’t done anything else, besides play RIFT, since last February.

Not that I’m complaining. I love RIFT, mind you. I’m also grateful that it keeps me so preoccupied, saving me from spending money on things that’ll temporary save me from boredom. But there’s that gnawing feeling deep within me every time I look at my untouched guitar, neglected PS3 games and unread graphic novels. A feeling of guilt brought on by my frivolity. I wished that I’d be able to make time for them, every time I see them.

Then, the next day, just as I was about to update RIFT into version 1.2, my graphics card (GeForce 9800 GT) died. Leaving me unable to play not only RIFT but also all of my PC games.

I was in denial, at first. So, I attempted to “fix” my dead card. I downloaded various drivers for it, hoping that a certain version would fix my dead card. After an hour, I realized that my card was beyond repair, and that this incident was exactly what I just asked for –a time off of RIFT.

I still have 5 more months with my subscription in RIFT. So, I’ll definitely come back to the game. I just don’t know when though. Right now, I can’t afford a new graphics card. But, for the meantime, I’m just gonna knock some items off from my swelling book, comics and games backlog.

Going Social

I’ve been planning to add some social networking links in this blog for quite some time now. But I was to lazy to do so. Today, I had a bit of diligence to finally add these buttons. They should be on the sidebar, right below my recent posts…found it? Great!

There should be six of them and they are (from left to right):

Tumblr/Skron 365 (a project 365)
RSS Feed
Facebook/The Frugal Nerd Page (work in progress)
Steam Profile
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Raptr Profile

If you guys have accounts on any of these social media sites, please feel free to add me up. I could use more friends. :(