Boxed Again!

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I bought a boxed PC game. All I know is that I started buying digital games since February of 2009 from Steam.

Steam is awesome! They offered me another way of buying games, not wasting any of my time and money driving to big box stores. But their deals is what I really love about them. Because they offer new games, not bargain bin games, tagged with cheap-as-dirt prices.

But Steam’s current Summer Sale has failed in goading me to buy a digital copy of Dragon Age II from them. Not their fault though. Dragon Age II for $36 is enticing. But I got a better offer from Best Buy:

This is one of the best deals I've seen.

Dragon Age II for less than $6!

The game wasn’t really that cheap. It’s original price was $35. Except I used a $30 Reward Zone certificate, which I found in my sister’s glove box. Since she didn’t really need it, I asked for it. Hence, a cheap-o game.

I don’t have some spare time to play the game though. But I’ll dip my gaming fingers soon enough into it.


RIFTing and Reading

Summer is doing wonders on my life lately. Yes, it’s been hectic. Yes, it’s thinning the contents of my wallet. But it’s still wonderful. I’ve been out drinking with my co-workers, barbecuing with my friend (an old drinking partner during my teenage years) and his family, and I’m also dating this nice girl.

But, the best of all, despite being busy doing these non-nerdy activities, I’m still able to keep up with my gaming and reading. It’s in moderation though. But you can’t have it all.

I’m only spending 2-4 hours of playing RIFT, as opposed to 8-10 before Summer (and the girl) came along. But those are 2-4 quality hours. I’ll start doing the PvP, World Event and, if I have the materials, Crafting daily quests immediately after loging in. As soon as I’m done with all the quests, I’ll ask in guild chat if anyone is doing dungeons or raid rifts, and then join them. If nobody are doing those, then I’ll queue for Warfronts. By the time I’m done, I’ve earned at least 6 Plaques of Achievements, a couple of Inscribed Stones, or 10,000 Prestige Points.

In the afternoons, around 2:30 PM, sunlight pierces through my tinted window and turns my room into a scalding steam bath. That’s when I stop using my desktop, go down the laundry area in the basement –where it’s nice and cool– and read for maybe 2-3 hours. I’ll only stop to make and eat dinner, watch the news for a bit, and then resume my reading until midnight.

I’ve been doing these things quite systematically and with such discipline. Especially in my reading that I’d even read while I’m in my druken stupor (it gave me migraines the next day). So, now, two weeks into my Summer Reading activity and I’m already 13% into my third book, A Feast for Crows (though I might get stuck in here for a while, since I’ve forgotten most of Song of Ice and Fire’s lore).

So far, my Summer’s going pretty well awesome. My character is progressing well in RIFT, I’ve finished 2 books already (and one was a thousand page thick), I’ve been hanging out with friends, and I’m also dating this nice girl. I hope this continues well.

New Thundercats!

My Goddaughter and her younger brother were watching Cartoon Network earlier this morning, and then all of a sudden this trailer came out:

It’s the new Thundercats, and I was grinning like a 5 year old when I saw this. The show will premiere next month. Though I couldn’t find any information regarding specific dates and regular air times.

From what I’ve gathered, this show seems promising. Here’s some tidbits of info that I’ve learned so far:

  • The Cat Civilization has no technology, just magic.
  • Panthro is still awesome!
  • Snarf doesn’t talk (thank god!)
  • Lion-O starts out as a teenager, not as a child.
  • Tygra is Lion-O’s adopted brother.
  • Cheetara looks hot.
  • Lion-O, Tyrgra and Cheetara will have a love triangle!
  • Mumm-Ra has bat wings.

I’m really excited to watch this show. It’s faithful, it’s refreshing and it’s cool. Now, I hope they have toys for this.