Random Distractions: A Riftdrawal Treatment

RIFT: Planes of Telara will finally go live this coming Tuesday. But for me, and to those who also pre-ordered the game, it’s only two sleeps away. So, in preparation for the head start event, I took all the necessary steps to insure a clean install of the Live client. I uninstalled both my Beta and Alpha clients, cleaned my registry of everything RIFT, updated my drivers, defragged my hard drive, and even put up a new RIFT desktop wallpaper.

But soon after I did all of those things, symptoms of Riftdrawal started to show up. So, I did everything I could to distract myself from re-installing my alpha client or writing back stories for my will-be characters on RIFT. Here are some of the things that I did.

I read (but couldn’t finish) The Last Man by Mary Shelley.
I’ve always wanted to read The Last Man by Mary Shelley, it being one of the first post-apocalyptic stories ever written, but I just couldn’t spare the money to actually get a copy of the book. So, when I found out that its e-book is actually free on Amazon Kindle, I downloaded the thing right away. Sadly, since the book was written in 1826, I couldn’t understand a word that was written in here. In fact, I consulted the dictionary more than a hundred times before I could get through the first chapter. Reading the book only made me want to play RIFT even more.

I watched the Back to the Future Trilogy for the nth time.
After dropping The Last Man, I retreated to my meager DVD collection and found Back to the Future Trilogy. I haven’t seen the trilogy in just one go for sometime now. So, I decided to watch it. I still like the film but its “cool flying cars” factor isn’t as cool as it was back during the 80’s. It’s retro-futuristic now than futuristic. I mean, we’re already in 2011, four more years until 2015 (the year in Back to the Future II), and we still don’t have flying cars or Mr. Fusion. We’re still stuck on the ground and we’re still (to quote ex-President Bush) addicted to oil.

Got back into playing the Lord of the Rings Online, and ended up liking it.
LotRO is the first MMO that I’ve played. Though I only played the game for about 4 months and then I got burned by it. Now that it’s free-to-play, I decided to visit LotRO again. I have to say that I didn’t know how to play an MMO back then. All I did before was grind my way to level 50. That’s why I got burned so fast. A game as beautiful as LotRO, you need to play it slow and take in the sights to appreciate it really well. So, I’ve decided that LotRO will be my vacation away from RIFT, and I’m planning to play this game at least 2 hours a week.

Drooled over the models of SI Swimsuit 2011.
What more can distract you than pretty models in a bikini? This here, along with LotRO, squashed my Riftdrawal. Especially when I saw Kate Upton (Guess Model). This girl is a goddess. Although I feel kinda weird when I found out that her photo shoot was actually done in Boracay Island (Philippines), in Puka Beach specifically. That island was my backyard during the 90’s. That is where I had my “firsts”. Now, Kate Upton is walking on the same sand where I once puked. Genevieve Morton is also another goddess. A really buxom babe with a very sexy accent. Here’s some hot shots.

Kate Upton

Genevieve Morton

It’s really hard for me to decide which one is the hotter model.

Anyways, that’s that. Enough of distractions. RIFT will be here in two days, and I will be joining my guild (Gaiscioch) over at the Faeblight server. So, I’ll see you guys in the Warfronts.