Star Wars: The Old Republic 3rd Cinematic Trailer

I haven’t visited any of my regular gaming sites or blogs yet. But I bet you dollars and donuts that this is probably what most of them will are talking about:

Entitled “Return”, this is the third cinematic trailer of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have to say it’s pretty sweet. Though I liked the first two cinematics, “Deceived” and “Hope” much better. “Hope”, especially, where Satele Shan was so bad ass.

I haven’t decided if I’ll play SW: TOR though. Honestly, I lost my interest on the game after playing RIFT, and stopped following the news about it. But, I have to say, after I saw the Smuggler kicking ass in the trailer, my interest has been piqued again.


Two Years of Being in a Guild

I'm a proud member of Gaiscioch.

After reading Kill Ten Rat’s interview with our guild leader, I realized that, last April 30, I’ve been in the same guild (Gaiscioch) for two years now. How time flies.

Two years ago, if you told me that I would spend my time with an MMO for more than 4 months, I would’ve laughed. At that time, while I tried playing different MMOs, I never really cared about the genre. I was only playing them to find out why some people love them. As a gamer who grew up with single-player games, I’m used to playing by myself. Alone, I can stay immersed in a game for hours. But in MMOs, I just find it impossible to keep myself immersed. Why? Because there are other people. Yes, that bothered me before. I was a bit of a loner. So, back then, if you told me that I’d be in the same guild for years, I would’ve laughed too. The idea of me being guilded was very unlikely.

But to complete my MMO experience, I tried to join some guilds. In Lord of the Rings Online, I joined Sons of Rhudaur. They were a medium to heavy role-playing guild and a decent bunch. They even held an RP event to welcome me to the guild. But, soon after that, I went on my merry way to play the lone warrior and then quit the game. In World of Warcraft, I tried to join a couple of guilds too. But there were interviews and I didn’t make the cut. After playing WoW for 2 months, I decided to quit playing MMOs.

About a year after I quit WoW, I became enamored with the Warhammer Universe that I decided to try Warhammer Online. I actually fell in love with the game. So, I played it for months. That’s when I found Gaiscioch (pronounced as Gosh-Kia).

I believe it was on Tier 3 when I met the lot of them. The Order side was having a tough time against Destro that night. But, all of a sudden, Gaiscioch showed up with three warbands, a handful of strategies and then took everything back from Destro. We were, of course, absorbed into their warbands. So, I saw how organized and how friendly they were. You could say that I was really impressed with them. So, a day later, after checking out their awesome website, I asked if I could join their ranks and was invited in without any questions asked.

Two years later, I’m still running with Gaiscioch (and we’re now 500 members strong). The reasons why I’ve stayed with this guild for so long is because of the leadership, the level of organization, the tools in their website, and how they treat their members as family. If not for any of these, I don’t think I could’ve stayed long in the guild or in MMOs. The website, especially, is invaluable to me. The event scheduler allows me to schedule dungeon runs and other events, and find other players to join me with ease. Its marketplace has also provided me with the materials and gear that I need. The support from members, both in-game and even in real life, is also tremendous.

Joining Gaiscioch was a turning point for me as an MMO gamer. Gaming with these guys is a blast. They’ve pretty much dispelled my misconceptions about MMO gamers and guilds in general. But, more importantly, they’ve taught me to work with groups and turned me a bit into a social butterfly (at least in MMOs). I know this guild is not for everyone. But, to me, it will be my home for years to come.

9800 Death: RIFT Hiatus

I was turning in a couple of daily quests in RIFT when it dawned on me. I haven’t done anything else, besides play RIFT, since last February.

Not that I’m complaining. I love RIFT, mind you. I’m also grateful that it keeps me so preoccupied, saving me from spending money on things that’ll temporary save me from boredom. But there’s that gnawing feeling deep within me every time I look at my untouched guitar, neglected PS3 games and unread graphic novels. A feeling of guilt brought on by my frivolity. I wished that I’d be able to make time for them, every time I see them.

Then, the next day, just as I was about to update RIFT into version 1.2, my graphics card (GeForce 9800 GT) died. Leaving me unable to play not only RIFT but also all of my PC games.

I was in denial, at first. So, I attempted to “fix” my dead card. I downloaded various drivers for it, hoping that a certain version would fix my dead card. After an hour, I realized that my card was beyond repair, and that this incident was exactly what I just asked for –a time off of RIFT.

I still have 5 more months with my subscription in RIFT. So, I’ll definitely come back to the game. I just don’t know when though. Right now, I can’t afford a new graphics card. But, for the meantime, I’m just gonna knock some items off from my swelling book, comics and games backlog.