inFamous is a shockingly awesome game

It’s only been a few days since my graphics card died, leaving me unable to play RIFT. But symptoms of RIFTdrawal is already starting to show up. So, before it could fully take hold of me again, like the way it did a few months back, I have to distract myself with something else. Fortunately, I have four untouched PS3 games (all of which I bought cheap during Black Friday 2010, and have been gathering dust since then) to provide me with the needed distraction.

From the four games I have, I chose to start with inFamous. I actually didn’t know anything about the game. I only bought it because it ranked high on IGN’s top 25 PS3 games and it was only $8 on Amazon. But after dabbling with it for a couple of minutes, I was hooked. Its gameplay is just amazing. It’s like Grand Theft Auto meets Prince of Persia, with comic book theme and lite RPG elements.

What I really love about inFamous is its setting, the Empire City. It reminds a bit me of John Carpenter’s movie, Escape From New York, where a city is walled in and there’s lawlessness within it. Except in the game, Empire City is quarantined to stop the spread of a plague after it was partly destroyed by a huge blast. Besides its post-apocalyptic atmosphere, what makes Empire City so cool is the way you can explore it. Every building here is scalable. So, you can explore the city by climbing buildings, jumping from roof to roof and walking on power lines.

Anyways, I’m only 15% into the game and haven’t even explored most of the Neon District, yet. So, I can’t say anything more about the game. But, so far, I’m really enjoying inFamous. It’s the kind of game that I don’t mind putting in the hours to get a platinum trophy. Also, if you haven’t played this game, don’t buy it. Wait until the PlayStation Store resumes its service because they will give out inFamous for free (see details here) as an apology for their recent screw up.


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