Into Greenscale’s Blight

Looking at a Raid Rift

I’ve never done a 20-man, endgame dungeon raid before. That’s the extent of my experience as a four-year old MMO gamer.

As a casual player, raiding endgame dungeons isn’t really my cup of tea. It’s long, it’s hard and people expect a lot out of you. The tales I’ve heard from MMO veterans only makes it worse. Some have claimed that they’ve been forced to spec their characters in a certain way. Others said they’ve been booted out the raid group because they blinked and missed the boss for a second. Most can’t even join in on the fun because of the lack of gear. So, even though I love to try raiding at least once, I’m too discouraged by these stories to seek out a raid group.

Luckily, my guild in RIFT has a very laid back policy on everything. These includes dungeon raids. We never check gears, or ask how much damage/heal you can do per second. The only thing that was required of us was the minimum 160 Hit/Focus/Toughness, a lot of patience and sense of humor. Having met these requirements, I was invited to the raid (even though I’m not geared for T2 dungeons) and went down to Greenscale’s Blight, my very first dungeon raid.

The instance was a fun experience for me. We were on the second boss, Infiltrator Johlen (Duke Letareus, the first boss, was killed by the same group a couple days earlier), and we only managed to get him down to 18%. We didn’t defeat him. So, I didn’t get anything. But I still had tons of fun fighting Johlen. He’s challenging, not boring. I have to look where I’m going all the time, avoid his bombs and mines, while trying to DPS him down. The last phase of the fight also reminded me of side-scrolling arcade shooters, where we need to dodge “bullets” while we bring the boss down.

My first dungeon raid was a positive experience. All the problems and sad stories about dungeon raiding that I’ve heard didn’t really surface last night. The atmosphere was relaxed, the morale was high (even though we got wiped repeatedly in one boss for 2 hours), and everyone was having fun. So, I’m definitely going to participate again. But I really have to pull my own weight and not drag the rest of the group down.


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