Hammer Time

The God of Thunder (L) and the Mortal Goddess of Beauty (R)

The Social Network was the last film I saw in the theaters, and that was seven months ago. So, since the weather today was absolutely gorgeous, and I just felt the need to get out of my man cave, I decided to treat myself and catch the movie Thor.

Thor didn’t really get hyped up like Batman or the X-Men. But despite its weak marketing, unexciting trailers, and my lack of faith with its director, I still went for it for two reasons: 1) it’s story was written by J. Michael Straczynski, who is my favorite Thor (comics) writer; and 2) Natalie Portman, who is the mortal goddess of beauty, is on it. So, while I wasn’t sure if it was going to be good, I was certain that it was gonna be worth my time and money. Surprisingly, the film was more than what I’ve expected.

Perhaps my biggest surprise was with Branagh’s direction. I was wrong to ever doubt him. Not that I doubted him as a film director. My lack of faith in him stems from his other works: his film adaptations of Shakespeare. I thought that someone like him would never bother with a comic book adaptation. I thought he would never get it right. But Branagh astonished me. He knows Thor, he gets the comics. He knows that he’s an arrogant, hammer-bashing God of Thunder. He also knows the human side of him –his vulnerability, his familial problems– and he shows them all in the film. So, there’s plenty of drama, comedy, character development and action that kept me entertained.

The cast did admirably, and everyone looked and played their part well. Chris Hemsworth will definitely be remembered as Thor in his entire career. I really couldn’t imagine anyone else playing it. He nailed Thor’s arrogance and the fish out of water (or should I say “god lost in the suburbs”) comedic scenes. Natalie Portman also did well as a spunky, not quite the damsel in distress. But Kat Dennings (Portman’s assistant) delivered all the best lines. Tom Hiddleston also stole the show as Loki. Loki was more than just a cowardly plotter in the film, he’s much more complex than that and Hiddleston pulled it off. He even earned my sympathy at the end of the movie.

I definitely had tons of fun watching Thor. Like Iron Man, this move has everything too. It has drama, comedy, character development and action that will keep you entertained all throughout the film. Branagh and the cast did extremely well to make this movie work. So, if the trailers didn’t sell you the movie, if you’re still not sure Branagh can make a good comic book adaptation, I’m telling you now that you’re wrong. Go watch the film.

Score: B+

Addendum: If you’re a comic book fan, there were also some clues in the film that ties it with The Avengers movie. In fact, one Avenger already played a cameo in here that got me pretty darn excited.


One Response to Hammer Time

  1. gilboard says:

    good movie. i liked barton’s part, the rainbow bridge, sif and the post credit ending!!!

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