5 Reasons: Why I Love Doing Warfronts in RIFT

They're coming for me! They're coming for me!

If you read the forums, or your chat log, you’ll often see people complain about their multiple losses in RIFT’s Warfronts. Me, I’m not complaining. Not that I’m winning. In fact, I’ve lost warfronts as much as the next Guardian from a role-playing server. But I’m used to losing a lot in WAR’s scenarios. So, being ganked, gangbanged, chain-stunned to death in Port Scion doesn’t faze me. I still love warfronts, and I’ll keep on doing them.

Here are my reasons why:

Reason #5: It’s an alternative to questing
As an MMO player who gained roots in Warhammer Online, I just hate questing. Killing ten <insert trash mob name here> to earn levels isn’t my style. So, in RIFT, I often turn to PvP for experience points. Leveling this way is slow, however. But it’s still doable. In fact, more than 30% of my experience was earned doing Warfronts.

Reason #4: For the Gear
The gear you earn in Warfronts isn’t actually much if compared to the ones you earn in expert dungeons. But I’d rather get gear via Warfronts because dungeons are long and hard to do. I was in expert Iron Tombs a week ago. For over 3 hours, I only got 3 plaques because we died a lot. It’s true that I don’t do any better in warfronts. But, at least, the games are quick and fun.

Reason #3: Builds camaraderie with guildmates
A month ago, I tried running a guild event called “Warfront Wednesdays”. I created this event so that my guildmates could group up, decimate warfronts, and also try to know each other. We have a lot of new members in our guild and the only way to bring us together is to play together.  True, we could just group up and do quests or dungeons. But it’s much more fun when five of you gank another player and then “/pee” on him.

Reason #2: Develop PvP skills
I never was a good PvP’er. Back then, I never even thought that I’d end up loving PvP. So, during my time in WAR, all I did was queue for scenarios all day to sharpen my skills. Doing that, I learned a lot about my class, as well as the other classes, and working with other players. This is also the same in RIFT.

Reason #1: I can do something else while on queue
I’m a man of many hobbies, and playing RIFT made me neglect some of them. So, in order for me to accommodate them, while in the middle of my RIFT addiction, I’d queue for warfronts and do something else. While in queue, I usually update my blog or read a comic book until the call for Warfront pops.

Well, those are my reasons why I still queue for Warfronts even though I’ve lost spectacularly in it these past few days (I wrote this post after losing 9 of 10 Warfronts). But, anyways, I’m going to resume my Warfront Wednesdays by the end of May. If you’re a Guardian in Faeblight, you’re welcome to tag along with us.


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