Nonplayer, A Gorgeous Comic Book

Nate Simpsons art in Nonplayer #1 is stunning.

Comic books are fun. But, sometimes, I question myself why I’m still reading them. They’re kitschy, expensive and the stories they present are usually forgettable. Then, once in a while, a good title or issue comes along to remind me that comic books still has some significant artistic and literary value to our modern culture. Nonplayer #1 is a case in point.

Nonplayer #1 is perfectly gorgeous, and I’m not saying that lightly. It’s a well-made first issue, the kind that will leave you begging for more. It’s not easy to miss that its creator, Nate Simpson, pour all his love into this title. The setting is unique to comic books. The writing is pretty good. The art is stunning, and one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. It’s pretty surprising that someone who’s never done a comic book before can create something beautiful like this.

As I’ve mentioned above, Nonplayer is Nate Simpson’s first comic book. But he’s not new to art. He has a background in game design, specifically as a concept artist for Gas Powered Games. You don’t have to know his previous line of work, however, to appreciate his art. Because it grabs you right away. His colors, which are a lighter hue of green, yellow and orange, are mesmerizing. His character designs, their expressions, are attractive. The amount of detail –from elephantine beasts to a single blade of grass– put into each panel is also amazing.

Even though Simpson doesn’t have any previous writing credits, his writing is strong in here. That’s probably because Nonplayer’s story is centered on an online game, something that he’s familiar with. Anyways, Javrath, the name of the MMO in Nonplayer, is not like today’s online games since it uses virtual reality (VR). With the use of VR, Simpson has ingeniously blurred the line between reality and the game. It’s kinda like in Ghost in the Shell, whatever happens online also affects physical reality, or so it would seem.

Nonplayer, at this point, has grabbed my full attention. I’m not sure where the story is going yet. But, I assume, with the mystery surrounding the first issue, this title is gonna go far. So, kudos to Image comics again. Because, like with Morning Glories and Chew, they gave me another reason not to give up on comics just yet.

Score: A


2 Responses to Nonplayer, A Gorgeous Comic Book

  1. daredevilry says:

    Oh wow! That looks stunning.

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