Weekend Goals: Fantastic Five Dungeons

So, I’ve hit 50 in RIFT just this week and, as I’ve said in my previous post, I’ll start working on the end game content to toughen my character a bit. This weekend is a good starting point to do all that. Of course, I’ll still have breaks and errands to do in between those dungeon runs and warfront beatings.


  1. Hit 3 expert dungeons
  2. Reach 15,000 Prestige in Warfronts


  1. Fantastic Four: The New Fantastic Four TPB
  2. X-Force: Angels and Demons TPB


  1. Do my taxes
  2. Watch Your Highness
  3. Trim down my comic book pull list
  4. Frame my Metzen III painting

That is all. I hope I’ll have a very productive weekend, and I wish you guys the same.


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