End Game

Finally, I levelled 50 in RIFT!

Now, to some people, this might not come as a celebrated event. But this is quite an achievement for me. Because, after playing numerous MMOs these past four years, this is only my 2nd character to ever reach the end game. Furthermore, I reached the end-game in more than just a month after the game’s launch. So, that’s something I’m proud of.

Usually, I quit most games when I hit Level 40 (I had 44 Pally in WoW, 39 Priest in Aion and a 47 Champion in LotRO). I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just coincedence. But that’s when I feel the burn. Not in RIFT, however. I guess that’s because of the multiple roles I have, which presents various playstyles and makes the game less monotonous. I can either play my Bard, who can withstand multiple trash mobs; I can switch to Assassin whenever I want to get the job done quickly; or I can switch to Saboteur and blow things up.

So, now that I’ve reached end game, what’s next for me? A lot, actually. I did hope for a bit of some down time though. Because I’ve been neglecting some of my hobbies (and also my Tax). But no chance. I won’t end my RIFT marathons just yet. Not until I’ve toughened up my character a bit. For that purpose, I’ve alloted the whole month of April to just playing more RIFT. 

My goal is that, by the end of April, I’d have:

  • Revered status with the Order of Mathos
  • Revered status with the Caretakers
  • Prestige Rank 3 in the Warfronts
  • Honored status with all the RIFT Factions
  • at least three Tier 2 items.

I don’t know how doable these goals are but, I think, they’re not impossible. We have a lot of level 50s in our guild now, and some are organizing to go to expert dungeons almost every day. So, I’m going to try and hitch a ride with them. Hopefully, after I’ve earned all of these, I’d be able to get RIFT off my system. That way, I can also enjoy other things such as reading and playing other games, like the upcoming The Witcher 2.


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