Weekend Goals: Level 49

Remember all those challenges that I wanted to tackle this year? Well, it’s not coming along pretty well. That’s probably because I’ve been spending most of my time playing RIFT. Plus, those challenges were too big for me that I feel so intimidated every time I look at them. So, what I’m going to do is divide them into bits every weekend. That way, I won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Let’s get this thing started!


  1. Level 49 – My main goal for this week is to hit level 49 in RIFT. Well, I want level 50, actually. But that’s impossible. I just dinged 47 a while ago. I have half a bar with rested XP and two more days to hit 49. I think it’s doable.
  2. Kill 500 in PvP.

I just got my package of comic books, which is actually 3 weeks late. So I have to read 17 of them. But even with my goals in RIFT, leafing through all these comics is still doable. I’ll just queue for Warfronts and read the books while waiting.


  1. The Town – I received it from Netflix today. I rented it because I’m curious to see how Ben Affleck did in his directorial debut.
  2. Machete – Danny Trejo as the lead in a movie is just interesting.

Watch 2 episodes of Sekirei: Pure Engagment.

Blog & Social Media

  1. Write a post regarding comics-to-film since there are a lot of them coming out this Summer.
  2. Update my project 360. I have the pictures. All I need is to post them.

That is it for my goals this weekend. Hopefully, there won’t be any distractions. Like unwanted visitors or girl scouts selling cookies.


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