5 Reasons: Why I’ll Continue Playing RIFT

It’s been a month since RIFT: Planes of Telara was launched. So, after spending time with this game for more than 30 days, savoring almost everything it has to offer, where does it stand amongst my extensive number of activities? Will I re-sub and continue to neglect my other hobbies for another month? Will I be playing this game for the next six months? Yes, and yes.

Although, honestly, I already knew that I’ll be wasting most of my time this year by playing this game since its second beta. RIFT is just addicting, never frustrating. I’ve never enjoy another game as much as this since Dragon Age: Origins. There are a lot of things I love about it. But, since I want to get back into the game as soon as possible, I’ll make this short and just give you 5 of my reasons why I’ll continue my journey in RIFT.

Reason #5: The Warfronts
Player vs. Player was my gateway to MMO. So, whenever a new game comes along I always try to find out if it has a PvP feature. Luckily, RIFT has the Warfronts for its PvP. While it isn’t revolutionary or groundbreaking, it’s working properly enough to keep my bloodlust and competitiveness satiated.

Reason #4: Artifact Collecting
Collecting artifacts is probably the most useless feature of the game. Looking for them is a waste of time since they don’t yield large experience or worthwhile rewards. Yet people are so captivated by them, myself included. Whenever I see something sparkling, I feel compelled to drop whatever I’m doing and run towards it, hoping its the last artifact to complete my collection. The fun that they bring is like hunting for elusive Magic: The Gathering cards that you need for your deck.

Reason #3: Founder’s Pricing
I’m a frugalist and paying cheap is always my priority. So, I’m glad that Trion gave us the Founder’s Pricing, which reduces the $15/month subscription down to $10/month if you subscribe for 6 months. That is value. I know it’s still not free. But for a game that is as good as RIFT, I’ll still pay the regular fee if I have to.

Reason #2: Rifts and Invasions
I hate questing for experience. That’s why I always take the PvP and Dungeon routes to earn my levels. Fortunately, RIFT has rifts and invasions to defeat that will net you some decent XP. So, it’s a feature that I welcome the most.

Reason #1: Souls and Roles
The class system is what I really love about this game. Right now, I’m playing only one character, a rogue. Yet, with that same character, I’ve played multiple roles –as a healer, a melee DPS and a range DPS (and soon to be a tank). Not only does this system cure you from altitis, but it also cuts down time looking for a specific archetype to complete your group. Because, now, Mages can heal, Rogues can tank, and Clerics can DPS. This unique system is something that future MMOs should take a look at.

Those are my 5 reasons of why I’ll continue playing RIFT. I’ve already re-subbed my account and took advantage of the Founder’s Pricing. So, forgive me if this blog gets less love because I’ll be spending the next six months closing rifts in Telara.

But what about you though. What are your reasons why you’ll continue (or not) playing RIFT.


One Response to 5 Reasons: Why I’ll Continue Playing RIFT

  1. A pretty large rundown of my reasons are here
    Rift in 30 days

    Great game and will be around for a while.

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