10 People I Want to Meet at C2E2

Last year's C2E2

C2E2 2011 is only a week away. But I don’t think I’m prepared for the convention yet. I don’t have any signing schedules, location of good booths, or the weather forecast for that day. I don’t have any game plan for the event at all. I even don’t have money. But I have my ticket, at least, and also a list of people who I really want to meet at the convention. Here are 10 of them:

1. Scott Snyder
The writer of American Vampire and, recently, Detective Comics. I really want to meet this guy and thank him for reminding me that vampires are grim and dirty, and not just for tweens. I also have tons of comics for him to sign. But, since I’m a good kid, I’ll only bring 5.

2. Michael Bendis
I’m not his biggest fan. But I still love Mr. Bendis’ work. Also, if you look at my collection, I own a lot of comics written by him. And since I missed the opportunity to meet him 3 years ago (Wizard World Chicago 2008), I got a lot of books for him to sign.

3. Matt Fraction
I haven’t read a lot of stuff written by Matt Fraction. But what few I’ve read, I’ve really liked (yes, even his UXM run). Especially his current run on Thor, which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, like Mr. Snyder, I only have a few books for him to sign.

4. Claudios Sanchez
Now this is a bit of an oddball. I know that Claudios Sanchez is a comic book writer, and that he created Amory Wars. But I don’t want to see him because of his comics –I haven’t even read it. Instead, I want to see him because he’s also the vocalist/guitarist of Coheed and Cambria, which I’m a big fan of before I got back into reading comics. I’ll probably buy his books there and have him sign it along with some of my C and C CD’s.

5. Jeph Loeb
The guy is probably a legend in the comic book industry. Sadly, I haven’t read a lot of his work. But he did write two of my favorite Batman comics, Hush and The Long Halloween. Unfortunately, I gave away my copies of those books a couple years ago. So, I’ll just probably drop by his booth and shake his hand.

6. Bill Willingham
Writer/creator of my favorite comic book title, Fables. He would’ve ranked #1 on my list. But I already met him last year. So, I don’t have any books for him to sign besides Fables #100. I’ll still drop by his booth though, and probably ask him about his next book.

7. Chris Hemsworth
For Asgard! For Thor! C’mon, he’s an actor who played Kirk and who’ll be playing Thor. Why don’t I want to meet him? Although I wish the whole cast of Thor could tag along. So, I could finally meet Natalie Portman in person.

8. Jeffster!
Jeffster, from Chuck. They’re fun. Also wish that Yvonne Strahovski will be there.

9. Gail Simone
Honestly, I don’t care about her. But my goddaughter reads Birds of Prey, which she wrote. So, I’m gonna be lining up in her booth to have those books signed.

10. My Soul Mate
C2E2 will actually have a speed dating event. But I’m too cheap to pay and try it out. So, I’ll just keep on hoping that I’ll bump into some geek chick that’ll fall in love with me (I’m just hoping it’s not Gail Simone).

So, those are the people I want to meet at C2E2. Hopefully, there will be no last minute cancellations. But I’ll probably start looking up the schedules now and start drafting a game plan. Because going into a comics convention unprepared is a money well wasted.


4 Responses to 10 People I Want to Meet at C2E2

  1. gillboard says:

    can’t believe i read number 10 in your blog!!!

  2. I dunno who these guys are. I dun even know who my soulmate is. FML!

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