Gaiscioch’s RIFT Event: The Telara Saga – Part 1

Our Post-Event Family Picture

Last night was the beginning of Gaiscioch’s (my MMO guild) RIFT public event, entitled The Telara Saga. The event is a 22 week march that started in Silverwood and will end with the siege of the Defiant city of Meridian sometime in early August. So, was the event epic? Did we accomplish a lot? Yes, and yes. For 3 hours, the guild and some players who pug’ed with us closed 64 minor rifts and 68 major rifts, destroyed 44 minor footholds and 4 major footholds, and stopped 3 world invasions. The result: players getting a lot of shards and stones.

But, besides the currency rewards, we also accomplished better coordination amongst our members. The whole guild last night covered the entirety of Silverwood. This was done by breaking the guild into 10 groups, dividing the map into 5 sectors, and putting 2 groups in each sector. It was pretty clever, and we were closing rifts as soon as they open up everywhere in the map. Our communication was also in better shape. After last week’s communication breakdown [on vent] during our escapade in Freemarch, Foghladha (Gaiscioch’s GM) ensured that it won’t happen again. So, he devised a plan and assigned 100 people on vent into 10 different group channels while still enabling all group leaders to talk to each other. It was quite ingenious, cool and also a bit weird.

As for me, I also had the honor to lead group 10. While I enjoyed it, I think I really have to work on my charisma. I only had 3 other guildies with me, which then dropped sharply to 1, and players who PUG’ed with me didn’t stick around for long. But I’ll lead again when given the opportunity. However, I didn’t enjoy the event as much as I thought I would. But I only have myself to blame for that because I was expecting a lot. I was expecting Defiants every where I turn. I was expecting the event to be like Battle for Badlands. I keep forgeting that this game is mostly PvE. I guess there’s still a bit of WAR-monger left in me.

Overall, it was a successful event. A lot of our players enjoyed the event and where happy with the rewards. While I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t get to kill any Defiant, I’m also glad and proud to see our guild working harmoniously last night. We’re far from being a well-oiled machine, I think. But, for our first try, I think we really did well. We’re one step closer to killing Asha Catari.


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