Tales from the RIFT

Realm of the Fae, where 3 Rogues and 2 Mages displayed some kick-assery.

A good night sleep can make all the difference. Last night, after failing to get back into RIFT, I decided to go to bed early, get some proper rest and wake up rejuvenated the next day. So, this morning, I was up at 8 am, cooked myself some breakfast and then played the game non-stop for 11 uninterrupted hours (according to Raptr). I could’ve gone longer if Trion didn’t bring the servers down for an update. But I guess it’s a good thing that they did. Because, that way, I don’t have to pull myself away from the game just to blog.

But, yes, after a couple of mishaps during these past three days, today was very productive for me. I didn’t get tired, lazy or sleepy playing the game (I guess that’s what happens when you get to sleep for 8 hours). So, I was able to do everything on my “RIFT head start to-do list” (just a mental list), which was arming myself to the teeth and getting my crafting skills to 2nd tier. By level 20, I was already in Gloamwood and was better equipped than most players in my level.

Perhaps the hardest thing to do was cap my notoriety with Quicksilver College since I don’t do quests, just rifts and PvP. So, I have to do Realm of the Fae twice today. It was my first time in that dungeon. I never went there during Alpha or Beta. But it was a lot of fun. Especially on my second run because we did it without a Warrior or a Cleric. Just 3 Rogues (a Riftsalker and 2 Bards) and 2 Mages (a Chloromancer and a Stormcaller). I never thought we’d make it. But we did! We just sent our pigs and rocks to tank the adds while we focus on one creep. It was that easy.

So, now that I’m 20 and in a new zone, what’s next? Well, I’ll probably do the same thing. Get planar currency and get all the planar items that I can handle, do Darkening Deeps and cap my notoriety with the Waykeepers. But I’ll also do a lot of Warfronts this time. Especially since I now have access to The Codex, which is my favorite Warfront map. I know this is a slow way to level (by the way, Faeblight already have a level 50 just today). But that’s how I play.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play RIFT again until two weeks from now. Hopefully, by the time we do “The Telara Saga” (our guild’s public event), I’d be armed and skilled enough to withstand Defiants.


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