RIFT Queues and Twitter Ramblings

I scheduled myself to work 12 hours/day, for 4 days, last week. I signed myself for that so I could have a three-day weekend to play RIFT during its head start. So, was it worth it? Well, overtime is always welcome, and so’s a three-day weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend didn’t go exactly as I planned. I wasn’t able to play RIFT every minute of the day just as I had planned. The culprit: Queues.

The queue time for the Faeblight server was insane. Thursday night, after I got home from work, I logged in to the server and my position was at 1180. Did this surprise me? No, not really. Even though I’m a newbie to MMOs (RIFT is only my second launch), I figured out that this was going to happen. This happened with Aion too. Except this is much worse. 4 hours of queue time would drive an impatient man insane.

Now, I’m not a patient man either. But, luckily, my package of comics also arrived that day. So, instead of losing my mind and carpet bombing the official forums with curse words, I calmed myself by reading all those comic books (14 of them) and posted micro reviews of them on my Twitter account. Here’s a sample:

Looks like I'm rambling. Maybe I did lose my mind that night.

I think I finally got in at around 11 pm, 30 minutes after I finished my last comic book. By then, I was so tired to play the game (working 12 hours/day for 4 days does that). So, I just created two toons and claimed my names: Aethenbrior and Skron. Aethenbrior is an Elven Warrior, a Beastmaster/Champion/Paladin. He’s pretty much the reincarnation of my White Lion from WAR. Skron, who is currently a Bard/Ranger/Riftstalker, will be my main.

This is the first time I’ve used my pseudonym in an MMO. But that’s because I’ve never played a Rogue in an MMO before. Skron, even before I blogged or wrote in a zine, was a Rogue/Fighter/Shadowdancer during my D&D days. He was kick-ass. Since Rogues pretty much kick-ass in RIFT, I decided to finally use Skron. Though, right now, as a Bard, I don’t feel that special. Because everyone’s a Bard. So, to other players, I’m just a number.

I guess I’ll go work on that Saboteur soul then.

Although, if you’re reading this and play RIFT, say hi to Skron or Aethenbrior. Okay?


2 Responses to RIFT Queues and Twitter Ramblings

  1. Hutner says:

    Wow- a mature approach to the long-wait situation! I am never sure what people hope to accomplish by carpet-bombing the forums with complaints. It’s not like Trion doesn’t know what’s going on. Why raise the blood pressure over a game? There’s plenty else to do while waiting. This was fun post, thanks.

    • Skron says:

      I know, right? Some of those people have claimed they’re MMO veterans too. Yet, they complain like children in forums.

      Although some of my guildies said that they became productive while waiting to get in. Some did 2 hours of Treadmill time and others cooked, cleaned and did their laundry. That’s much better than complaining.

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