Who Are The Suburbs?!

Album of the Year!

“Who is The Suburbs?”, was the question I’ve read most about in the post-53rd Grammys interwebs, and also the big question at my workplace, this morning. But the right question should be: “Who is Arcade Fire?”.

While they’ve been a favorite of music geeks (including myself) and online critics for years now, not a lot of people know of Arcade Fire, and I don’t blame them. The band doesn’t have a lot of radio airplay or music videos, they have an almost zero exposure. But are they good? Is The Suburbs better than the other nominated albums in the Grammys last night (who are all heavy hitters)? Hell yeah! After all, it is my favorite album of 2010.

I wasn’t expecting this though. But I did hope for Arcade Fire to win. So, this is a victory for me and to all others who really care about good music. It’s also a sign that the Grammys isn’t that hopeless. So, maybe, just maybe, they’ll have better nominees for ‘Best Metal Performance’ next year.

Anyways, if you don’t know Arcade Fire, here:

“Ready To Start” by Arcade Fire


One Response to Who Are The Suburbs?!

  1. The only Arcade Fire I have in my playlist is Wake Up.

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