Nick Fury, Harvey Dent & Blythe Cameron

A couple weeks ago, I found out about TFAW’s Nick & Dents promo, where you can get nicked and dented merchandise (graphic novels and toys) for %50 off. To quote the site’s official blog:

If you’re not already familiar with our Nick & Dents, you’re in for a treat. Basically, they’re great “reading copies” that have minor shelf wear, or a scuff on the cover or a minor dent on the spine.

We also offer toys and collectibles as Nick & Dents. The boxes aren’t up to snuff, but the actual figures inside are pristine. So if you’re the type of person who takes action figures and statues out of the package for display, you won’t be disappointed.

As a frugalist and a comic book aficionado, this is a great find for me. Their selection isn’t the best, however. But I was lucky enough to get volumes 1 & 2 of Air for $5 each. True to their word, the books also arrived in good condition.

As for Air, I’ve been wanting to read this title since its release. I’m a sucker for Vertigo Comics and I try to read everything they put out. Unfortunately, money is scarce. So, for some of their titles, I have to wait for the collected trades to come out, which can be a pain because you have to evade a lot of spoilers before you can get your hands on the trades. But Air was definitely worth the wait.

Air is a modern fantasy, and not just because the story employs magic in a contemporary setting. It is a modern fantasy because it tries to solve today’s issues, post-9/11 issues –such as airline terrorism to our quest for clean, renewable energy– with magic. Writer G. Willow Wilson also tells the story in a Lost-like manner with Rushdie’s brand of writing, magical realism mixed with historical fiction. So, there are conspiracy theories and eccentricities, like Amelia Earhart being alive, that will leave you astonished.

A smorgasbord of themes, the book is far from boring. You’ll read about corporate espionage this chapter and then about Mayan mythology on the next one. Combined this with Perker’s solid illustrations and the charisma of the title’s protagonist, Blythe Cameron, and you’re in for an adventure. I highly recommend reading this graphic novel. Especially if you’re a Lostie or a Salman Rushdie fan.


2 Responses to Nick Fury, Harvey Dent & Blythe Cameron

  1. gillboard says:

    air sounds interesting. just don’t have the budget to add another title to my pull list. i just added morning glories.

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