Shoot Your Music, Surf Your Music

Music games have been around for a while now. But, even though I love music as much as games, I’ve never tried playing any of it. So, no Dance Dance Revolution, Elite Beat Agents or Guitar Hero for me. Now, while I own and play a real guitar, I don’t hold any kind of animosity towards these type of games (like Chad Kroeger does). To simply put it, like beat ’em up, I’m not just into music games…or so I thought. Because, now, I can’t get through a day without playing Audiosurf and Beat Hazard.

Beat Hazard
I was looking for an old school, arcade stick shooter when I found Beat Hazard on Steam. In a nutshell, this game plays like Asteroids, where you shoot and dodge everything that’s thrown at you. But the interesting twist about this game is it’s also like a music visualizer, where events during gameplay are based on the rhythm of your music.

I don’t know how it works exactly. But the difficulty and challenge of the game differs with each song. I played this game with Periphery’s “Icarus Lives!” (as seen in the video above) and I breezed through the game. Then, I tried it with Corrosion of Conformity’s “Albatross” and boss ships were spawning like rabbits on Spring. Suddenly, I don’t like the song “Albatross” anymore.

This game has been out for more than two years now, and gamers have been singing praises about it. So, why did I just play it now? Well, honestly, if not for my addiction with Beat Hazard (and it only cost $3 at that time), I would not have even tried this game.

Like Beat Hazard, this game is also based on the rhythm of your music. Although, while it looks like a racing game or Guitar Hero’s fret board, Audiosurf is a puzzle game where you cluster boxes of the same color, while “surfing” your music, in order to score. I actually suck at this game (as evident in the video above, and I apologize for the poor sound quality). But I find it fun, and also very relaxing to play.

Both games may not be as epic as Mass Effect 2 in terms of size or production. But, nevertheless, I still enjoyed these games a lot. They’re original, offering you a new and unique way to experience your favorite music. Not to mention, both of these games are also dirt cheap. So, there’s no reason for you not to pick these games up. I really recommend these games for gamers and/or music nuts.

Now, with all that said, these games need to be ported to either iPhone or Android.


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