Frostbitten by Frugality

I already know that reality bites. But what I didn’t know is that frugality frostbites too. After experiencing a heck of a blizzard that ravaged Chicagoland for 24 hours (Tuesday PM to Wednesday AM), I now know better.

That's how tall the snow was when the Blizzard was done, and I've already shaved the top of that snow mound.

5 years ago, when I was still doing my clinicals at the University of Chicago Hospitals, one of the technicians I worked with asked me how I’m handling the cold and snow. I told him that I got used to it already. He scoffed, then proceeded to tell me that I haven’t seen a REAL snowstorm, like the one they had in ’99 or in ’79. He was right, of course. Since I only immigrated to the US in 2000 and, at that time, have only been living in Chicago for 5 years. So, no apocalyptic-sized blizzard for me yet.

I should have listened to him though. But as an immigrant who came from the land of sun and sand, I thought that giant snowstorms only exists in Hollywood movies. So, I don’t even stock up essential supplies during winter. I normally do keep food and water in my house, but that’s because I read too much post-apocalyptic books, not due to a prospect of being snowed-in. So, portable heaters and extra rock salts? Forget those. A good snow blower? Yes, I have a snow blower. A 10-year old junk my mom gave me. I was suppose to get one a few years back but, as a cheapskate, I thought I could still hack it with my junker.

Then, snowstormageddon came and hit me. Then, my snow blower died on me. So, I almost died too. I was left almost the whole day digging myself out under 2 feet of snow. By the time I cleared all the snow from my garage, front door and back door, it was 2:30 PM –8 hours after I started the clean up. I was a ghost of myself at the end of the day, with my ass cold and every part of my body ached.

So, I’m going to head to Menard’s or Home Depot tomorrow and get myself a snow blower. Not a cheap one either. I’m going to put my cheapskatiness aside this time and grab myself the best and most durable one. Because I don’t want to be left shoveling snow all day, and feeling like somebody beat the crap out me at the end of the day, ever again.


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