The $25 Tunes: January 2011

January is always a quiet month for me. Not only because I’m broke due to the holidays. But also because there’s nothing new out there. So, I always get the good things I’ve missed from the previous year, and I’ve missed quite a lot in music. Good thing is, some of those albums I’ve missed, are only $5 on Amazon until the end of January.

Animals as Leaders by Animals as Leaders – $5
This album kept popping up on my iTunes Genius sidebar every time I listen to Periphery. So, since I like Periphery, I decided to check them out. All I could say is that I’m vey impressed with them. Their brand of progressive metal –melodic jazz tones combined with heavy riffs, while not unique, is really great to listen to. And if you’re a guitarist, there’s a chance you’ll be awe-stricken by Tosin Abasi’s skills.

Score: B+

“CAFO” by Animals as Leaders

Broken Bells by Broken Bells – $5
When I heard that James Mercer (The Shins) and Danger Mouse were doing a project, I thought it was odd. But, then, “The High Road”, their single, became one of my favorites last year. Both their styles blended well on this song. So, I thought their album would be as good. Sadly, the rest of Broken Bells wasn’t. It didn’t click the way their single did. Good effort though. But the pair didn’t reach their potential.

Score: C+

“The High Road” by Broken Bells

Warp Riders by The Sword – $5
I’ve always been a big fan of The Sword, ever since Age of Winters. Now that they’re in their third album, The Sword has stepped it up a notch. Warp Riders, while still as heavy as their previous albums, is more psyched out and the production is way much better. Sure, their music is nothing original. It’s a throwback metal. But it’s fun as hell to listen to, from start to finish.

Score: A-

“Tres Brujas” by The Sword

Ain’t No City by The Biggest Car in the County – $10
I’m not into country music, I admit. So, when I asked a guild mate in Warhammer Online about his band, and found out that they played Country, I almost regretted my inquisitiveness. But I still gave it a chance and listened to their songs on MySpace. Surpsingly, they sound a bit like Drive-By Truckers, and I like it. Especially their song “The Corporal’s Brother”. It’s so honest and it humanizes soldiers everywhere.

Score: B-

(Sorry, no preview for this one. I don’t have mp3’s, just ACC’s, and it won’t work. You can listen to them on MySpace though.)

So, these are my picks for this month. I hope you guys like them, and I hope Amazon keeps their mp3’s cheap.


4 Responses to The $25 Tunes: January 2011

  1. thewhiteshield says:

    i love the drum beat of Cafo! and the guitar riff :) it’s the first time iv heard this, suddenly i missed progressive rock. More rock bands should make music like this.

    • Skron says:

      Actually, there are a lot of bands that sounds like Animals as Leaders. That’s why I said they’re not that unique. Although, their guitarist is what separates them from those other bands.

  2. thewhiteshield says:

    Tres Brujas reminds me of Black Sabbath and Kiss and the Golden age of glam rock. it’s a classic.

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