5 Reasons: Why I’m Still A PC Gamer

When I bought my PS3, which was just a couple months ago, I thought that I’d kiss my PC gaming days goodbye and spend much more time playing games on my console. That is not the case, however. Because I’m still glued to my PC, buying and playing more games on it than my PS3. But I do have viable reasons why I’m still a PC gamer, and here are five of them:

Reason #5: My PC still has “it”. So, why not use it.
My PC, a very high end machine that was bought two years ago, can still hack it. While I’m no graphics whore, I still want to be able to play my games at high resolutions and textures, with x4 AA and x16 ASF, and take screenshots. That’s something consoles can’t give you. So, I’m going to keep playing on my PC until it can’t give me all those shiny effects anymore.

Reason #4: Digital Distribution
I’m not a busy man at all. I only work three days a week, which leaves me ample time to shop for games at a big box store on my off days. Still, I’d rather stay home and watch episodes of The Office while I’m downloading the digital copy of Fallout: New Vegas than run into a Best Buy or Walmart, waste time and gas money, to obtain the hard copy of its console port.

Reason #3: Because of the games, of course.
MMOs, free MMOs are still the reason why I’m stuck with my PC. I still have a Dwarf Fighter in D&D Online that I visit at least once a week. Then, of course, I can’t seem to part with my strategy games. Civilization V, especially, is so addicting I can’t seem to drop it from my playlist. Shooters, too, while still decent on a six axis controller, they are still best played with a mouse and keyboard.

Reason #2: Toolset Included (and a modding community).
One of the things I love about PC games is that they’re usually packaged with a toolset. That’s why I got the PC versions of Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Dragon Age: Origins instead. While I’m not good at using the toolset myself, there’s a talented modding community that can put this software to good use. Just check out any of the Nexus sites. Because they have awesome mods for Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age that will spice up your games even more.

Reason #1: PC games are cheap.
PC gaming isn’t cheap. I know that. But, while the hardware is expensive, the games are cheap. That’s why I chose to get the PC versions of Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2 and other multi platform games. They’re $10 cheaper. Also, there are a lot of cheap and free games available for the PC.  The Lord of the Rings Online and Minecraft (which became an internet sensation in 2010), for example, are both free.

So, those are my reasons why I’m still a PC gamer. I know that, someday, some of the best qualities of PC gaming will move on to consoles. We’re already seeing MMOs on PS3. So, we might also get toolsets and digital distribution on the next Next-Gen consoles. But, for now, I’ll just stick to PC.


5 Responses to 5 Reasons: Why I’m Still A PC Gamer

  1. I really hope gaming consoles will not overlook the great things about PC. This is the same way I am still into laptops despite of the advent of tablets.

    • Skron says:

      Tablets are really for people on the go, man. Businessmen, journalists, people who travel a lot that needs lightweight stuff. Those who usually say they need it only want it. Me, the only use I can think of a tablet is reading comics with it and blogging on the go.

  2. gillboard says:

    never got into it. i guess my fingers prefer using controllers rather than a keyboard and a mouse.

    • Skron says:

      Besides action games. Mouse and Keyboard are the easiest, man. You move best with it at shooters and it’s impossible to play real-time strategy on controllers.

  3. spartan 105 says:

    i am pc gamer but i hate all fan boys and console gamers will be jeaolus when pc get console port

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