4 Seasons, 4 Games

When I became a frugalist, I wrote a manifesto. A part of it says that I will not buy games in full price anymore. I failed in that part, of course. As a gamer, not getting the latest “it” game is too much of a struggle for me. Nonetheless, even though I wasn’t able to follow my manifesto to the letter, the number of games I bought in full price was down in 2010.

Compared to 2009, when I bought a total of twelve games in full price, I only bought four games in 2010 (Mass Effect 2, StarCraft II, Civilization V and Fallout: New Vegas). That’s down by almost 70%. That, in turn, saved me some cash to buy a lot of cheap games during the Black Friday Sales.

So, that’s why, this year, I’ll also allow myself to buy four new release games in full price. In addition, in order to enjoy my games fully without them overwhelming me, I’ll also only buy one game every season.

As for the games, here are four of my most anticipated for 2011.

Q1 – RIFT: Planes of Telara (March 1 2011)
While I play a bit of MMO, I never did get excited about any of them. RIFT, however, just became an exception.

RIFT: Planes of Telara

Why will I play this game?
The randomness of the rifts and invasions are interesting and keeps the game from getting boring. I remember banding with random players to defend a foothold from multiple planar invasions during beta, and it was tons of fun. Plus, even though it’s only in beta, this game already runs really smooth. The developers also knows how to treat their player base really well.

Q2 – The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (May 17 2011)
Its developer already named it as the Best RPG of 2011. That’s how much confidence they have in their product.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Why will I play this game?
The ‘Choice and Consequence’ feature that separated The Witcher, and made it more interesting, from other computer RPGs is still intact in the sequel. In addition to that, the impact of these choices and consequences are even bigger in this game, since it will give us branching, twisting storylines and will give us sixteen possible endings.

Q3 – Deus Ex: Human Evolution (Summer 2011)
Deus Ex is my favorite game of all time. So, it’s a given that I’ll pick up any game from its franchise.

Deus Ex: Human Evolution

Why will I play this game?
Like its predecessor, it offers multiple pathways to solve a problem or finish a quest. Meaning you can use stealth, charm, brute force, or a combination of all three to get your tasks done. It’s also hard for me to pass up a game that uses a cyberpunk setting and transhumanism themes.

Q4 – Mass Effect 3 (Fall 2011)
It’s the final part of the Mass Effect trilogy, and I’m pretty sure BioWare is going to give us an epic ending.

Mass Effect 3

Why will I play this game?
Honestly, I don’t know much about the game, yet. But the concept art and the trailer of Reavers attacking London did me in. Also, while we’ve seen a lot of planets in Mass Effect, we’ve yet to visit Earth itself. So, that alone got me excited.

That’s my four most anticipated games for this year. There are others that I want to play too, like Batman: Arkham City, Dragon Age 2 and The Last Guardian. But I think I’ll just wait for those to go on sale, or wait until somebody decides to give them to me as gifts.

So, what about you? What games will you play this year?


3 Responses to 4 Seasons, 4 Games

  1. gillboard says:

    hell yeah for mass effect 3. i’m currently playing dance central. and i can’t wait for gears of war 3, skyrim, and la noir.

  2. gillboard says:

    it’s a square enix game so yeah i’m looking forward to this too… but honestly, i’m not familiar with the franchise. :)

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