RIFT = Awesome

Gawking at the Shadefallen Keep.

I’ve only played a couple of MMORPG. I started with Lord of the Rings Online, followed briefly by World of Warcraft, and then Warhammer Online and Aion. While I enjoyed playing some of them, MMORPG is not my cup of tea. I still prefer the good old single player CRPG, like Dragon Age: Origins or The Witcher. So, I thought I would never get excited over a new MMO release. Then, RIFT: Planes of Telara happened.  

I found out about this game a couple months ago, when the leader of my guild (Gaiscioch) announced it in our forums. At first, while the game looked pretty to me, I thought I would never touch the game. It’s a pay-to-play, and frugalists are allergic to paid subscriptions. But, since a beta key was available to me, I thought I’d give it a shot.

My beta key was only a chance key, and my chances of being picked to participate was very slim. Luckily, I’ve was able to get into all four betas with it. All the beta events gave me the opportunity to not only report bugs and make suggestions, but it allowed me to take a closer look at the game. So, now, I’m pretty impressed with it.

This game is just ironed out, even in beta. There were bugs, of course. My character fell through the earth a couple of times during the first beta. But, in just a couple of hours, Trion (developer) fixed it right away. I also had problems of losing FPS, especially in high populated areas, forcing me to drop my visual settings to medium. But this too was fixed at the fourth beta event, a span of only one month.

The Ascended class system is also great because it gives you a lot of options. Unlike in most MMO, where an archetype gets only 3 skill trees, what’s great about RIFT is that you get to choose from 7 souls –each acts like an individual skill tree. You can slot 3 of these 7 souls, mix and match them to create a combo. You can slot the Paladin, Reaver and Warlord souls to create an ultimate tank. Or maybe slot a Beastmaster soul in place of the Warlord so you can be a tank with a pet.

Another feature I love about RIFT are the roles, which allows you to make different builds with just one character. During the 4th beta, I had the chance to try this out and bought two extra roles for my Warrior. I created three different builds, a Beastmaster/Champion DPS for PvE, a Champion/Vindicator DPS for PvP, and a Paladin/Reaver tank for PvE. So, with all three roles I was able to dabble with different Warrior builds without having to re-roll or make another character. This was quite ingenious.

But what really drew me into this game is its PvE. The random Rifts and Invasions in the game keeps it very interesting. During beta 2, I was just doing quests when these darn rifts kept opening above my head and invasions were destroying footholds, killing NPC quest givers. So, I often drop everything I’m doing and prioritize in helping the community to repel invasions and close rifts. It was quite fun, and it really kept me up for twelve hours.

I’m pretty impressed with RIFT: Planes of Telara. Even though it’s only in beta, it’s already running pretty smooth. Although I still have to find a good combo for myself, its class system is pretty fun to use too. Then, lastly, the randomness of its Rifts and Invasions have kept me on my toes, killing the grind and boredom factor in PvE that is present in most games. For all of that, I’m definitely going to lose a lot of my time with this game. I’ve even pre-ordered it already.


9 Responses to RIFT = Awesome

  1. It has been my grueling dream since high school to play an MMORPG. I guess I will be stuck with all of age of empires and age of mythology and rise of rome, not to mention the sims 1, 2, 3.

  2. Personally, I am an MMO vet. Having played MMO’s for almost 10 years (and blogging about them for over 4), I can say the surprise of stability and polish in this beta is bar none.
    Rift is impressive in how the company is committed to the game. Rift does not offer anything new. It has it’s moments though (Rifts, like WAR PQ’s work much better than WAR) and the soul system is a min-maxxers dream.
    I also am a pre-order player.

    Cheers and good post.

    • Skron says:

      Thanks for dropping by, man.

      My guild is very impressed with Trion. 50 (I think) of them are in Alpha, right now. They said they’ve submitted a lot of request, and 80% of those request have been implemented in the game already. So, that’s another reason I wanted to play this game. A developer that strongly listens to its players.

  3. Leonne says:

    Hi there Geek! I have to wonder which Gaiscioch you were, running around Beta. Wasn’t it great? I saw some film off another site. I have to say, I’m opposite you, I’ve played MMOs now for over a decade, but I agree, this game rocks! All I’ve heard are great reviews from people that got Rift Beta keys. If a game has such a great set of Beta evens, I would imagine launch on March 1st will be terrific! A big thing I heard from everyone is that Trion actually LISTENS to the feedback.

    We plan to pull our guild back to life after launch. I have a pre-purchase for Rift as well! I look forward to playing a cleric calling and Lord Rcane of course is a magic user!

  4. Giamo says:

    I agree with you Aethenbrior… the beta has suckered me in as well. I was fully expecting to await GW2 to rejoin the Gaiscioch on the fields of battle, but then along came Rift beta…. can not wait.

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