10 Awesome Non-2010 Things I Discovered in 2010

One of my favorite things to do is to write a definitive list, a “Best of [insert year here]” list at the end of each year. I also only, strictly, include things that were released on that one year, and I find that a bit problematic because I can’t include awesome things I just recently found out. So, that’s why, I thought of making this list, a definitive list of things I found in a year but wasn’t released on that same year. Confusing much? I know. But, here we go.

Planetes (Animation)

Planetes is a must-see anime!

This is definitely the best anime I’ve seen in my entire life. Set in space and the near future (2075), the story of Planetes revolves around a group of space debris collectors. This show, unlike most anime, isn’t heavy on the action. But the story is very engaging since it explores a lot of political and moral matters about humans being on space –things that we’ll be knee-deep soon enough. Plus, this show is also a hard sci-fi (based on real science). So, if you haven’t seen this anime yet, go watch it now.

Perdido Street Station (Book)
I’ve long given up on Fantasy. But China Mieville grabbed me by the balls and told me to pay attention to the genre again. His Perdido Street Station is an astounding work of fantasy. It’s very inventive, extremely detailed and eschews the standard fantastical themes. You won’t find a trace of Tolkien in this book. No Elves nor Orcs, but it’s filled with exotic races. The plot is also a page turner, and has fair share of shocking and moving moments.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (Film)

An enjoyable stop-motion film from start to finish.

I wasn’t expecting anything out of this film. I only rented it because I don’t know what else to rent at Netflix. So it really took me by surprise. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a stop-motion animation about wild animals acting like human and fighting against humans who act like animals, exacting vengeance on urbanization. It’s an excellent film with a lot of wit and humor. George Clooney and the rest of the cast did well on the voice acting too.

Guinness (Beer)
This beer came out 250 years ago. Although I’ve never tasted a drop of it until last May. I don’t like changing beers, you see. My transition from Red Horse to Corona wasn’t exactly smooth. So, once I settled with Corona, there was no way I was going to try another beer. But when I found out that my guild mates prefers Guinness, I got curious and tried it myself. Once I drank it, its richness exploded in my mouth. Now, my fridge is lined with no other beer except for Guinness Extra Stout.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Animation)

Avatar, the epic saga that M. Night ruined.

I dismissed Avatar for a Naruto rip-off made for kids. So, I never watched it until after I saw the movie –and heard complaints of how awful it was. It was only then, after I saw all seasons, that I knew I missed out. Avatar is epic. I love its Asian-inspired world especially. I never thought that bundling Asian themes could be so cool. It’s also a well-packaged series, complete with romance, elemental magic and martial arts action, and comedy. Like I said earlier, it’s epic. Too bad that M. Night ruined the movie.

Wasteland: The Apocalyptic Edition Vol.1 (Comics)
Honestly, Wasteland was on my pull list two years ago. But I only got one issue, which I never bothered to read, and then I canceled it due to lack of money. So, instead, I just waited for the trade collection. I have to say, this is one of the best post-apocalyptic fiction I’ve read, heard or seen. I’m really impressed with it. It’s world, especially, which was destroyed by an enigmatic cataclysm known only as the Big Wet, is gorgeous. It’s part Mad Max, part Star Wars but still feels fresh and unique.

Moon (Film)

Moon is directed by Zowie Bowe, David Bowie's son.

Moon came out the same time Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did. So, it got lost in the box office, overshadowed by Megan Fox’s physical attractiveness. But, even though it doesn’t have big giant robots or a million dollar budget, Moon is still a superb film in every way. I won’t spoil the story here, but I’ll leave by saying that this movie was awesome because tackled bio-ethical questions and explored space psychology –psychological effects of living in space. It’s a must see for hard sci-fi fans.

Red Record by Baroness (Music)
I’ve only heard of the band Baroness last year, and their Blue Album made on my Top 9 Music of 2009.  They really impressed me with their brand of progressive metal. So much that I started looking for their other works. That’s when I found out about their debut album, Red Record. If Blue Album was great, this is even better. The guitar riffs in here, especially in songs like “Isak” and “Teeth of a Cogwheel”, are very eargasmic.

The Spectacular Spider-Man (Animation)

Spidey, with all his love interests.

Like Avatar, I also dismissed The Spectacular Spider-Man for being kid friendly. But that’s only because I didn’t know it’s the most faithful adaptation of the comics. It’s even better than Spider-Man: The Animated Series that aired during the 90’s, and that’s saying much. Each episode is spectacularly packed with a good story, action and the usual struggles of Peter Parker that Spidey fans will enjoy, both old and new. Also, it’s the only adaptation where Peter’s love interest is Gwen Stacey. So, for that, it gets a point.

11:11 by Rodrigo Y Gabriela (Music)
If I heard of this album last year, It would’ve made it on my Best Music of 2009 list. Although it’s better late than never. So, I’m putting it in here to make amends. Not a lot of people will like this one though. But to guitarists and people who appreciates guitar, this album is a gem full of amazing string work. The guitar play between the duo is just awe-inspiring. While the album offers variety, it’s often Contemporary Latin married with other genres. “Buster Voodoo”, for example, clearly sports metal licks hiding behind a Latin guitar.

So, that concludes my list. What about you? What’s your favorite thing in 2010 that wasn’t released in 2010?


7 Responses to 10 Awesome Non-2010 Things I Discovered in 2010

  1. gillboard says:

    i love avatar and spectacular spider-man… too bad it got cancelled

    • Skron says:

      Spectacular Spider-Man wasn’t canceled. They just don’t know what’s up with it. It’s because this Disney acquisition of Marvel put everything to the shitter.

  2. eon says:

    im an avatar fan. i’ll give planetes a go. hope there’s a torrent. :D

    • Skron says:

      There should be a torrent. Everything that can be digitize has a torrent these days. Too bad, my ISP is blocking all torrent downloads.

  3. the scud says:

    i’ve heard about Moon too. people say it’s pretty good.
    makahanap nga ng kopya.

  4. Giamo says:

    Moon is great find. It was one of those I snagged at the Red Box when they were out of everything else I wanted to see one boring Saturday… best $1 I’ve ever spent on a movie rental. Great list: Fantastic Mr Fox, and Avatar are also good list mates!

    • Skron says:

      I’m glad you saw Moon. A lot of people haven’t and I’ve been telling them to go see it. Duncan Jones, its director, has new movie coming out called Source Code. It’s techno-thriller and the synopsis seems to be good.

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