What I Did With Those $10 Gift Cards

About a week ago, at a Christmas party, I got two wonderful $10 gift cards from my god sons. One was for Target and the other was for Barnes & Nobles.

Last Sunday, I converted those cards into these:

Packing For Mars and Heavy Rain.

I’m loving both items. The game, especially.

Heavy Rain, is an adventure game… No, actually, it’s not a game. It’s more of an interactive film made for the PS3. It’s a psychological thriller where you not only play the characters but also feel them. There was an instance in the game (or film) that my character (or actor) was panicking during a police interrogation. As a result, all the dialogue choices were blurred and unreadable, forcing me to press any buttons and giving the cops wrong information. There was also another part in the game where my character was suffering from a “shaky hands” attack. In order to control this “shaky hands”, I was told to hold and press several buttons in the controller. By the end of the attack, my hands also felt tired. This game is just brilliant.

Packing For Mars is a book written by Mary Roach. I haven’t read any of her works. But, she being a science writer and me being a hospital worker, I’ve seen co-workers –nurses, techs, doctors– read her books, like Stiff and Spook, during their breaks. So, when I saw this book at Barnes & Nobles, and it being a non-fiction about space exploration, I wasted no time cashing in that gift card. It’s an amusing book that sheds light on the “dirty” and difficult parts of space travel. All the things that were left out in the moon landing film or Apollo 13, like shitting in zero gravity or what astronauts eat, are all in here. While it is funny, it did nothing to tarnish the people in space programs. In fact, I have a new found respect for astronauts.

The only part I didn’t like about getting these two is that I didn’t really save much, even with gift cards. They were still costly. I should’ve waited for a price drop. Stupid me.


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