Kindle Bells. Kindle All The Way

The new members of my gadget family, Deckard and Grimoire.

You probably guessed it right already. If not, then, I received a Kindle for Christmas! Although an e-reader was included on my wish list, I didn’t really ask anybody for it. I did hand my sister a list of books that I wanted for Christmas. But, while shopping for books, she found out that people were killing each other over a Kindle at a Best Buy Mobile store. So, she researched about it and thought I might like it. And I do like it. A lot. This will definitely save me a lot of physical space in my room. No more bookshelves, no more stacked books on the floor, and no more dusting my books once a week.

I also got a G2 Android Phone. My parents gave it to me since they’ve been nagging me to get a new phone for almost a year now. Because my old phone is broken –making and receiving calls through it is based on luck than signal strength. But I don’t really care about phones and, even if I care, can’t afford one. So my parents capitulated and got me this. They told me they got it cheap by extending their contracts with T-Mobile. Like I said, I don’t really care about smartphones. But I’m loving this phone. It also has a Kindle App which is synced to my Kindle account. So I can read my e-books through this device wherever I am, whenever I can.

I also named both of these gadgets. Grimoire for the e-reader, and Deckard for the phone. Grimoire is a “how-to” book on magic, containing instructions like how to summon spirits and make talismans. I just thought it fitting to name my e-reader Grimoire because, in some ways, it is also a book of magic. As for the phone, the name is inspired from Rick Deckard. Deckard is the main protagonist in the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which is written by Philip K. Dick. Deckard is also an android hunter. So, the name, being an android phone, is a pun.

I’m really happy about what I got this Christmas. I didn’t receive many gifts this year. But, quality always trumps quality right?

So, what about you guys? What did you get for Christmas?


3 Responses to Kindle Bells. Kindle All The Way

  1. chyng says:

    i LIKE!!!

    Merry Christmas! ♥

  2. the scud says:

    whoa! a kindle. i plan to get one for myself on my birthday. tagal pa. haha.
    is that the amazon kindle 3?

    • Skron says:

      Yes. It’s the 3rd Gen. You should really get it. It changed the way how I read. It’s just so comfortable. Well, I’ve only read one book so far. But there are actually free e-books that you can get on amazon. Mostly classics.

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