Fables Got Issues, 100 of Them.

Fables #100 Cover Art

When I pre-ordered the 100th issue of Fables a couple months ago, I knew it was going to be something else. After all, it cost me $5, and that’s discounted at %50 (you do the math). When I got the issue last week, I understood why it’s so expensive. It’s 100-pages long and resembles a trade paperback rather than a standard issue.

I was giddy like a school girl when I saw it. But, when I opened the book, I found out that most of the content are frivolous. It included a board game and cut-out paper dolls of Fables characters, stuff that I don’t really need to pay $5 for. Some, however, even though trivial, are fun. Like Mark Buckingham’s short story, entitled Pinocchio’s Army, and an illustrated Q&A, on which the questions were asked by celebrities who read Fables (Cobie Smulders, that hot chick in How I Met Your Mother, reads Fables!).

But most portion of the book is, of course, about the long-awaited battle of Frau Totenkinder (a.k.a. Bellflower; a.k.a. the witch who almost ate Hansel & Gretel; a.k.a. etc.) and Mister Dark. The battle was intense, and I loved every bit of it. But, outside of battle, there were also some major progress in the story. One of which was the birth of Beauty and the Beast’s daughter, and Snow White’s “talk” with Nurse Spratt. All of which, I think, will be a big part in the upcoming issues.

Unfortunately, this issue didn’t offer any closure at all. Not like the 75th issue, when Fabletown brought down Geppetto’s Empire. It is, however, but a staging point in a new era of Fables. I don’t know where it will lead us to. But I think the book will be just fine. I’ve read 100 issues already, and I don’t recall hating any one of them.

As for the whole packaging of this book, they could’ve done away with just the battle of Frau and Mister Dark, and sold it for $4.99. But that’s just me, the frugal nerd. I really can’t blame the Fables team for making this issue a bit more special and distinguishable from other issues, in which they did admirably, by packing it with a lot of fun stuff and selling it for $10.

Score: B- for the total content and price tag. B+ for the main story


2 Responses to Fables Got Issues, 100 of Them.

  1. daredevilry says:

    damn it, i haven’t been able to keep up with fable. :(

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