Best Buy Employees, Checkered Shirts and Winter Storms! Oh my!

Oh, man! What happened last week? Holiday happened, that’s what. Work was stressful, life was hectic and holiday shopping was like a whirligig. So even with my four days off, it wasn’t enough to cover everything that I was supposed to do. On top of that, there’s a winter storm outside my window (as I’m typing this). Which means I can’t do anything to finish up my holiday preparations. On the bright side, however, I can rant about my week. Here I go.

First order of business was the maintenance of my car and my health. Winter’s coming so I have to winterize my junker. I don’t want it leaving me in the middle of a snow storm, and I want to avoid winter accidents. So I changed its battery and got new rear tires since it’s already bald. I have to dig my emergency fund for all those expenses , which I didn’t like a bit but it’s necessary.

After everything was done, I went to see my doctor. Nothing’s wrong with my health (and my doctor concurred after the check up and lab results). But that’s what most people say days before they collapse in their driveways while shoveling snow. Besides, I haven’t seen my doctor for more than 2 years now, and visiting him is free with my insurance. So I’m just using the services that I’ve been paying for.

Shopping day. I could’ve finished my shopping during Black Friday. But I didn’t know what gifts to give then. Luckily, shopping this year was a bit easier than the last since I downsized my list. I’ll only give presents to my parents, sister and three of my godchildren. So a Roku player for my parents, a Nintendo DS for my sister, a $30 Borders gift card for my goddaughter and two G.I. Joe vehicles with action figures for my two godsons.

The Roku Player (a doohickey that will allow you to stream movies from Netflix) and the Nintendo DS, I got both at Best Buy. So I got the usual equipment protection plan spiel from their employees, who always assume I’m a very clumsy person.  The salesperson told me that I need their plan because: “[…] what if you drop your gadget or what if you spill water on it?”. So, to fend him off, I told him he needs to get a better sales pitch.

After Best Buy, I went to the mall (which I haven’t been too since summer?) to finish up. I just got my goddaugther a gift card from Borders bookstore and two G.I. Joe vehicles with action figures for my god sons at Marshalls. The G.I. Joe vehciles, I wanted to open them and play with them. They just reminded me of my childhood. Although, unlike the old toys, these new ones sucks because it doesn’t require assembly.

More shopping. Since I haven’t bought anything new to wear since last Christmas (because clothing isn’t on my list of “needs and wants”), I shopped for some new garb to wear. After all, I have to attend three Christmas parties. Unfortunately, all the clothes that were on the rack were checkered long sleeves. I’m not a fashionista (or fashionisto?). So I don’t know what’s the latest fashion trend. But checkered long sleeves with pastel colors as the new “in” thing? No, thanks. I’ll just stick with my Iron Maiden t-shirts.

Saturday night was the first Christmas party I went to this year. I didn’t really wear an Iron Maiden t-shirt. It was my mom’s boss who hosted it. So it’s more of my mom’s workplace Christmas party. Two of my god sons where there so I gave them their toys. They gave me gifts too. Both a $10 gift card from Barnes & Nobles and Target, which actually costs more than what I gave them.

Snow. Lots of snow. In preparation for my mom’s Christmas/Birthday party this weekend, I was planning to get stuff from the grocery and market today. But the roads are crappy and it’s too cold to go outside. So I guess I’ll have to squeeze my time to do this in between work and another Christmas party.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll probably won’t post anything that significant in here until after Christmas. So you guys will have to suffer reading my filler posts. That is if you’re not busy yourselves.


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