And The Grammy Nominees Are…Crap!

Well, no, they’re not really crap. The nominees, who were announced earlier today, they’re just not my cup of tea. Except for Arcade Fire, of course, who managed to snag a lot of nominations including Album of the Year. I do hope they win at least one because they deserve it. But if they don’t win anything, that’s fine by me. Really, me and the prestigious Academy Awards don’t see eye to eye. We have different tastes and I’ve come to accept that. But what I can’t stand about The Grammy’s is their “Best Metal Performance” category who’ve nominated washed out, mainstream metal bands over the years. This has to stop.

Just take a look at their nominees for this year:

“El Dorado” by Iron Maiden
“Let The Guild Go” by Korn
“In Your Words” by Lamb of God
“Sudden Death” by Megadeth
“World Painted Blood” by Slayer

While I did enjoy listening to all these songs (especially Sudden Death), the only ones decent enough to be nominated are “In Your Words” and “World Painted Blood”. Even still, it’s evident that these songs are simply on the list because they’re from known bands. Which is sad because Isis, Baroness and Dillinger Escape Plan made a lot of good songs within this year, better songs than the nominees. This shows that the “academy” don’t want to exert too much effort in this category. It shows that they don’t care about metal. But, then, why did they make this category in the first place? To accommodate us metalheads? Best to take that category down, then. Because, Grammy, all you do is enrage us metalheads.


One Response to And The Grammy Nominees Are…Crap!

  1. Brian says:

    The Grammy’s are about as relevant as the Super Bowl halftime show. They’ve become a huge commercial venture and artistic merit has less and less to do with the outcomes.

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