A Game for a Dime

Today, and today only, Microsoft’s Games for Windows Marketplace is offering a digital copy of Age of Empires III: The Complete Edition for only 10 cents. How sweet of a deal is that? I think this is even better than Steam giving away Portal for free. Because, while Portal is an excellent game, Age of Empires III is a premiere real-time strategy game. Plus, this package includes all expansions. Sounds like early Christmas, right? No, not really. So before you head out to the marketplace and buy this game, hear me out first. Because this is what I got when I tried to install the game:

Epic Fail: GFWL Marketplace!

The image I posted above will show you that the client is asking for an activation key in order for it to install the game. But Microsoft didn’t include any keys, or whatsoever. If you’re wondering if this is an isolated case, no. There are others in the forums who are also getting this “activation key” problem like I do. So far, Microsoft hasn’t given us any solution to this problem. Except for a suggestion to restart the client, which I’ve done multiple times. Nonetheless, if you want to buy the game and see if it works for you, 10 cents is a small price to pay.


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