Reading Digitally?

One of my dreams when I was a teenager was to build a massive music library. In order to realize that dream, I would save every cent of my allowance so I could buy a cassette tape once a week (or a CD once every three weeks). My library didn’t get anywhere though. The tapes and CDs either got lost or stolen. Then, finally, when I migrated to the U.S., I gave them all away because I couldn’t bring them with me. Nonetheless, I kept my dream alive and continued to collect CDs. But, after years of collecting, I noticed that my CDs started eating up my space. That’s when I decided to start a digital library instead of a physical one.

Now, 300 CDs aren’t that much. They don’t take a lot space at all. But the reason I went with digital music was to save me space to start a library of hardcover books. Then, the same thing happened with my books: Space problems. Last month, I had to clear my books on the top of my dresser to make way for a TV. Those books are now stacked on the floor, displaced. So I started shopping for a bookshelf. The cheapest one I found costs $140. I wanted to buy it then and there. But for $140 I could buy myself a Kindle instead, and not having to worry about room space in the future. Though I’m not so sure if I want to give up reading from a hardcover.

I'm going to be overrun by books and comics in the future!

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t abhor digital media nor I buy books for the sake of staying old school. In fact, I wanted to own an E-reader right after I went digital with my music and PC gaming. The idea of getting a new book, in your bed, in the middle of the night through digital distribution is awesome. But I shrugged that idea off because I want to have a no-tech hobby. Besides reading books, all of my hobbies (music and gaming) are powered by electricity. So when power’s out, or if a blast of EMP happens, I’d be left with nothing to do other than to device mischievous acts. That’s my reason why I want to stick with physical books.

Still, going with e-books also makes a lot of sense. Especially for a single guy like me, who hasn’t settled yet and is living in a small room. Maybe there’s a better job offer in New York. Maybe I’ll get married soon and move into another house. Imagine moving all those books with me, those hardcover books? It’s a daunting task. There are other factors as well that makes owning an E-reader so great. Like not having to maintain your books, not having anyone borrow your books and e-books are much cheaper, which is a big plus for frugal people like me. Then, as I’ve said earlier, you won’t have to worry about storage space anymore. Goodbye expensive shelving.

As of now, I’m still 50/50 with my decision to go digitally. I still want to have a no-tech hobby and a massive library of hardcover books. But I also want an e-reader to save space and money. I don’t know. I’ve really reached an impasse here. What do you think? Go digital or stay physical?


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