A Better New Vegas

I’ve already invested 50 hours of game time into Fallout: New Vegas, and I don’t think I’m nowhere near its ending yet. Nonetheless, I’m already building my next character and started looking for mods to spice up my second playthrough. While I’m set with what type of character I’ll play next, I haven’t had much luck finding good mods. That’s pretty understandble, I guess, since F:NV is not even a month old. I did, however, find the D3d9 mod, which increases the performance of your video card and improve your frame rates.

This is how this mod works:

“Fallout decides its render path based on one of two things. The first is the name of your video card. This is an incredibly bad idea for a number of reasons; Fallout tends to guess information about your card wrong because of this and the result is terrible slowdown.  This .dll lies to Fallout about what card you have, resulting in much better performance with no visual quality hit (unless you’re unlucky or Fallout hates you)”Ripten

While I haven’t experienced a single crash playing the game (knock on wood!), I still do suffer from low frame rates in some places. Especially in interior areas like The Gomorrah, Vikki and Vance Casino, and The Tops. I’d be smooth sailing in the Mojave with 60-80 FPS. But once I get inside those areas I mentioned, my frame rate drops down into teens. D3d9 mod fixed that problem. So, while it’s not really a gameplay altering mod, it made my Fallout: New Vegas experience much better.


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