The $25 Tunes: October 2010

I’m having a hard time beating Amazon, I’ll tell you that now. As a frugalist, the site has been nothing but a blessing to me with all the cheap stuff they sell. Sometimes, however, they just push way too many cheap stuff for me to choose from, leaving me torn. This October, especially, when they unveiled their $5 mp3 albums. The selection was just so good and so massive, I was getting headaches choosing from their catalog. It’s a good thing I got this “$25” rule, else I’d gone broke from buying all those music from them.

Anyways, here are the albums that I got for this month.

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire – $5
I became a big fan of Arcade Fire when I heard their album, Neon Bible, back in 2007. That album was amazing. The songs in it were dreadful, like it’s the end of the world. Though I must admit that I don’t really get them, their lyrics. This time, however, in The Suburbs, they’re pretty much straight-forward. But, with all their songs about family and middle-class neighborhoods, it makes me feel old and cynical.

Score: A+

“Ready To Start” by Arcade Fire

Blue Sky Noise by Circa Survive – $5
Honestly, I was torn between getting Spoon’s Transference and this album. Naturally, since I like prog-rock more than indie rock, I chose Blue Sky Noise. I’m glad I did so too. Because this is an awesome album. It’s a heck of an improvement from their sophomore title, On Letting Go, which I happened to like a lot. Every song here is great, and every member plays to their potential that I never thought they had.

Score: B+

“Imaginary Enemy” by Circa Survive

A Mouthful by The Do – $5
I never really knew anything about The Do (which is pronounced as do in do, re, mi) prior to purchasing their album. But I fell in love with them after I streamed their music. A Mouthful is just that –a mouthful. While The Do’s music is tethered to pop, it has its eccentricities that makes each track different from one another. Some songs may appeal to you, some may not. That’s what so fun, and not so fun, about it.

Score: B-

“On My Shoulders” by The Do

The Fool by Warpaint – $9
(see my review here)

$24 spend on music this month. Honestly, I almost went over my budget because I was tempted to throw Spoon’s latest album, Transference, into my shopping cart. But my will prevailed. Although if Amazon continues to add good albums on their monthly $5 mp3 deals, I’ll probably capitulate and break my $25 rule.


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