5 Reasons: Why You Should Watch The Walking Dead

Brains, Brains, Brains...

Halloween is fast approaching. Which means zombie apocalypse is nigh upon us as The Walking Dead debuts on Oct 31st. As many of you may not know, The Walking Dead is a comics-to-TV adaptation that falls under the zombie/post-apocalyptic genre. Besides the season 4 of Chuck, this is one of my most anticipated TV shows for this year. So I’m getting really excited about it, and so should you. Why, you say? Well here are five reasons why:

Reason #5: The TV series will be based on one of the best comic book series.
The Walking Dead is an Eisner Award-Winning comic book series. That’s like the equivalent of the Grammy or Oscar. Also, next to Fables, it’s one of my favorite comics of all time. So, yeah, if the TV series sticks closely to the comics, this might become one of the best shows on the tube.

Reason #4: It’s about the undead. But of zombies, not vampires.
Vampires have plagued pop culture for a some time now, following the success of Twilight. While some of them are good (like American Vampire and True Blood), there’s just way too many kitschy vampire-related stuff flooding the market right now. So if you like horror monsters but are getting sick and tired of watching the blood thirsty suckers, then check out their uglier undead cousins, the zombies, flaunt their gore in The Walking Dead.

Reason #3: The production value of this series is really high.
Not a lot of people watch zombie flicks because they always assume they’re low budget and campy. Maybe so. But not The Walking Dead. This series is from AMC, the studio that brought us critically acclaimed shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It will also be written and directed by Frank Darabont. If you don’t know who this guy is, he directed 4 Stephen King movies, including The Shawshank Redemption. So this, ladies and gents, is going to be a a quality show.

Reason #2: The characters are interesting. In other words, they’re all nuts.
The survivors in The Walking Dead and their relationship with one another is really complicated. For the most part, you’d view them as heroes. They’d watch each others back, they’ll save others, they impose rules that’ll keep them human. But when they’re on a bind, they’ll tear down those rules and betray others just to keep themselves alive. The twists in these characters are just a gem to behold. Here you’ll see the darker side of human nature, even in children.

Reason #1: It’s going to be a survival horror story without equal.
As I’ve said earlier, not everyone likes a zombie flick. However, The Walking Dead is of a different feather. It’s got depth and it isn’t really about zombies. True, there’s going be plenty of walking undead in the show. But they’re just the background. The real meat in here is the survival story which will bring out a lot of drama. Death, love, betrayal, sacrifice and heroism, you’ll see a lot of these things before the series ends. The scariest parts won’t be because of the zombies either. But because of amoral humans who’ll do anything¬† just to survive. So if you like story, chew on this one and you’ll love it!

I know that there are plenty of reasons to watch The Walking Dead. But these are just the five main ones I’ve compiled in order to sell you the show. But if this doesn’t get you sold, I don’t know what will. I guess, you’ll have to see it for yourself.


5 Responses to 5 Reasons: Why You Should Watch The Walking Dead

  1. gillboard says:

    is it close to the comic book? i don’t read the series, but will try to find all that i can to catch up.

    i did love the first episode, though. awesome cliffhanger.

    • Skron says:

      I haven’t seen it yet. It’s not going to be aired til the 31st. But I assume it’s gonna be close to the book. No reason for them to deviate from it that far.

  2. gillboard says:

    it is close to the book. i’ve read issue number one in newsarama, and it’s a better version of the comic book.

  3. Brian says:

    I love this show. It’s a bummer season one was only 6 episodes, but apparently season 2 got picked up for 13 more….

    • Skron says:

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by, man. Appreciate it a lot.

      I know, right. I don’t why they only made 6 episodes. Nonetheless, it was a stellar season. It actually showed more than the first arc in the comics. They were other things that were explored here and even allowed for some back stories.

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