8 Hours of Retro-futuristic Wasteland

Traversing the wasteland with a shotgun

I’ve been playing Fallout: New Vegas for the last 8 hours now, completely skipping lunch and only nourishing myself with oatmeal bars. I only stopped to eat dinner, give my eyes a brief rest from the harsh retro-futuristic wasteland, and then write this post before going back in again. Admittedly, I’m conjuring every bit of my will to write this post. Because the New Vegas Wasteland is pretty cool. At least, it is cooler than the Capital Wasteland.

From a glimpse, New Vegas doesn’t look any different from Fallout 3. Knowing Obsidian (or should I say former Black Isle Studios employees), with their “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto, I’m pretty sure that they focused their efforts somewhere other than the aesthetic part of the game. So if you loved Fallout 3 and don’t mind an outdated graphics, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this game too.

As for the changes, the most notable one is probably the addition of the “Hardcore Mode”. This mode doesn’t make your enemies tougher. Instead, it’ll make surviving in the wasteland a bit harder. You’ll get hungry, thirsty and sleepy really quickly while in this mode. So stocking up on food and water will be your first priority, rather than getting loot to sell. You also can’t carry an unlimited supply of ammo with you since they’re not weightless in this mode. Which means, you’ll be forced to conserve your bullets.

But what I really love about New Vegas is the lore. Since it’s written by the guys who developed Fallout and Fallout 2 games, bits of lore from the first two original games are scattered in here. In my 8 hours of gaming, I met people that came from Modoc or the Hub (places from the original games). Then there’s also the NCR, who is a major force in New Vegas. So, even though it’s only a spin-off, Fallout: New Vegas is actually more than a part of the Fallout Universe than Fallout 3.

I’m impressed with New Vegas. I was dazzled by it right after my first major battle –when I have to defend an individual from an escaped prison gang. The writing and lore is pretty solid, and the hardcore mode adds a lot to immersion. Couple those with a huge map to explore and I’m pretty sure I’ll be breathless by the time I finish this game. Until then, I’m going to make myself a bit scarce in this blog (as scarce as those Blue Star Caps in the game). But I’ll be back soon, with a full review of the game in tow.


3 Responses to 8 Hours of Retro-futuristic Wasteland

  1. gillboard says:

    contemplating on buying this game. currently immersed in fallout 3.

    • Skron says:

      Oh man, in terms of almost everything, this game is better than Fallout 3. The quests, the people, the companion, the plot and the atmosphere, it’s awesome.

      The game’s buggy though.

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