When Mjolnir Got Its Thunder Back

Cover of Thor #615

When it comes to comics, I always go for the indie and team books. Besides Deadpool, I almost never follow a title that is centered on a single superhero. But J. Michael Straczynski has goaded me into reading and loving Thor. His run on the series was just phenomenal. He filled the series with love, humor and emotion that I never thought the God of Thunder was capable of. Sadly, JMS finished his run on the series when he found out that Michael Bendis is going to lay Siege on Asgard. This, of course, has left Thor –as well as me and possibly thousands of other JMS/Thor fanboys– in a vacuum, emtpy and with nothing.

But, just like what the unnamed scientist said in Thor #615, “Nature abhors a vacuum”. So what is empty is eventually going to be filled. Of course, what fills that empty space isn’t always going to be better or even as good as its previous occupant. Such is the case with Thor in the absence of JMS, as other writers tried to fill the huge void he had left. None of them, however, have snugged in cozily in that void. They tried to fill it but, in the end, all they became was exactly just that –fillers. That is, until Matt Fraction showed up.

Reading Thor #615 was a delight. Matt Fraction has really brought the thunder back into this title. The way he characterized Thor was especially superb in this issue. It really took me by surprise when Thor heartily confessed that he misses his brother Loki, evil he may be, and fondly remembers their childhoods together. Then there’s also the argument between Thor and Donald Blake, which is one of the amusing scenes in the issue. But the funniest part of this book is actually the setting stage of the story arc, when a scientist tries to explain the ramifications of Asgard being out of its space to a mysterious “Asgardian scientist”. The revelation of who this Asgardian scientist is at the end of the page made me laugh hard.

After reading this issue (Thor #615, if you haven’t figured it out yet), I’m convinced that Matt Fraction will fill that void that was created when JMS departed the series. Because he –and also his team– delivered on their debut. I know it will be different this time, and I shouldn’t expect that it will be the same as JMS’ run. Because Matt Fraction isn’t J. Michael Straczynski. But I’m not really a picky guy. I don’t really mind what fills my beer mug, whether it’s Guinness or Red Horse, as long as it tastes good.

Score: A


One Response to When Mjolnir Got Its Thunder Back

  1. gillboard says:

    hey kieron gillen’s work was great. i loved it. but yeah, thor 615-616 are a couple of awesome issues. i especially love asgard’s scientific mind. :P

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