Clearance Tube

Even with my new PS3, I wasn’t planning on getting a new TV anytime soon. I haven’t saved for it, and will not start saving for it until next year. But when my parents asked me to go help them shop for a new laptop, I found an open item TV (a 32-inch LCD Sony Bravia) at the store’s clearance sales isle.

My new TV.

The TV was $150 cheaper. Although, being an open item, it has some scratches on its sides and it looked pretty grimy with fingerprints (a little bit of Pledge took care of this). At first, I hesitated to buy it since it was out of my budget. But my parents, being cardholders of the store and can use credit with 0% interest for 24-months, insisted on buying it for me. I capitulated and agreed with them. It’s not a gift, however. But paying them $15 a month for the next two years is not bad either.

Finally, with a new TV in my room, I can now play my console games with zero interruptions.


One Response to Clearance Tube

  1. the scud says:

    nice. i’ve been window shopping for an LCD TV too since my old CRT died a few weeks back. nakatatamad magpaayos. hehe.

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