5 Things I Want from X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny Revealed. (click image for the teaser trailer)

As a gamer who also likes comics, I’m a little bit disappointed that gaming hasn’t received a lot of good comic book treatment like Hollywood. Not yet, at least. Sure, we had Batman: Arkham Asylum, and maybe X-Men Legends. One might think there’s more, since comics and games are the staple diet of nerdism and geekery. But, really, there’s not a lot of comics-to-games with triple A qualities out there. That’s why I’m hoping that X-Men: Destiny, a new game by Activision based on the X-Men franchise, will not suck.

Not much have been revealed about X-Men: Destiny though. Except for a brief statement that says:

“The all-new original video game casts players as new mutant recruits in a rich, branching storyline that features a deep element of choice and gives players ultimate control of their destiny…” –IGN

Since Activision didn’t really give us much, I think I have small window of opportunity here to indulge myself by writing down what I want from the game in order for it to not suck (in my book, at least).

#1: I want it to be a single-player RPG.
After I finished playing X-Men Legends 2, I started wishing there was an X-Men RPG where you can create your own mutant and join the Brootherhood or the X-Men. But, from what Activision has revealed so far, with “new mutant recruits”, “branching storylines” and “deep element of choice”, it seems that this game might be heading that way. I do hope they deliver on that promise, not just talk about it.

#2: Tons of power sets and fully customizable costumes.
Yes, I want tons of power sets and skills. Tons of them, not just three skill trees that can either improve your strength and agility or gives you mental powers. Because I definitely want a mutant that has ninja training and can also generate black holes. Of course, since a hero needs tights, I also want different colors and designs of spandex.

#3: The story in the game should also be tied to the comics.
Since Mike Carey (The Unrwitten and X-Men: Legacy) is going to write the story, I’m sure it’s going to be great. But how awesome it would be if the ending in the story, your ending, can also affect the continuity of the X-Men titles? It would be plenty awesome. That’s going to be hard though. Still, it’d be nice if they tied the game’s story into the comics.

#4: Squad based combat.
Since being a part of the X-Men (or the Brotherhood, if you’re evil) is never being alone, I hope there’s going to be a squad-based combat (like the ones in Mass Effect) where you can pick various X-Men characters to be a part of your team. Because I so want to kick some ass with Psylocke, Emma Frost and Kitty Pride.

#5: I want to have my own room in the X-Mansion.
One of my fantasies is to live in the X-Mansion and have Psylocke as my roommate. I will buy this game just for this feature alone.

So, there, those are the things I want from the new X-Men game. I know that Silicon Knights is going to develop it. I don’t know much about the company, except that they generated a lot of hype for their game Too Human and then kept quiet after its release. But I do hope that they’ll do better this time and give us exactly what they just said about the game, especially the “deep element of choice” part.


2 Responses to 5 Things I Want from X-Men: Destiny

  1. gillboard says:

    Except for Arkham Asylum, I haven’t really played any decent comic book game. Hopefully this one will be good.

    • Skron says:

      You haven’t played X-Men Legends? It’s like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, except it’s better. But yeah, I hope this one is going to be good.

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