The $25 Tunes: September 2010

As part of my self-inflicted financial lockdown, I haven’t had any new music since last July. I actually thought that, as an individual who is nourished by music and deep dish pizzas, I’d starve to death in a month without having any fresh tunes. But, here I am, I survived for two months without any new bands discovered or listened to any new albums.

But after I got out of this whole ordeal of financially locking myself out, I actually wanted to splurge on music. But, fortunately, as luck would have it, I didn’t really find any new stuff that I like. Bad for my music library, good for my budget. In addition, I also received a $20 iTunes gift card for my birthday, which I used right away. So I only really spent $5 on music for this month.

Anyways, here are the stuff that I got for this month.

Fake History by letlive. – $10
I thought that post-hardcore died in 2004 when Glassjaw went on hiatus. So I really didn’t see this band coming and giving me a kick in the nards. True, their music isn’t as good or as innovative as Glassjaw, At The Drive-In or any of the early generation post-hardcore bands (late 90’s to 2002). But it’s been a long time since I’ve heard a good post-hardcore. So Fake History sounds really fresh.

Score: A-

“Casino Columbus” by letlive.

Periphery (Instrumental) by Periphery – $10
I’ve first heard of Periphery back in April. But I didn’t buy their album because I didn’t like the vocals. He’s good, mind you. Except that a band like Periphery, whose members are high caliber musicians, don’t really need a vocalist. Turns out, a lot of people felt the same way. So Periphery released an instrumental version of their self-titled debut album, and it’s way better. It’s prog metal heaven.

Score: A-

“Icarus Lives!” by Periphery

The Brutalist Bricks by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – $5
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have been around for more than a decade now. But I still wouldn’t have known of them if I hadn’t browsed Amazon for cheap mp3 albums. They’re really good and I like their music (an amalgam of indie, punk and reggae) and lyrics, which is both political and personal. Also, reviews have mentioned this is their worst album. So, if money allows, I think I’m going to get their older stuff.

Score: B

“Ativan Eyes” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

That’s it for this month. While I haven’t dug any cool new bands this September, it was still a good month of music for me. Especially since I saw Deftones, Mastodon and Alice in Chains in concert a couple weeks ago. But, as always, I hope that you guys will still enjoy my finds. So, until next time.


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