The Last 300

We’re at the last leg of 2010. 3 more months to go, which means there are only 7 paychecks left for me this year. So, since the Holidays are coming, I crunched some numbers this morning to see where my budget’s at for the coming months. Honestly, it’s not that bad. I’d be able to pay all my bills, buy gas and groceries, save some money, pay my comics subscription, and I’ll still have $300 left for splurging.

Still, $300 bucks can only go so much. It’ll be gone before I know it. So, in order to detract myself from impulsive buying and to squeeze the best out of that $300, I decided to list down what I want and can buy for myself this Fall and the Holiday seasons.

1. ActionTec Megaplug Ethernet Adapter – $65
I’ve been meaning to improve my wireless connection ever since I moved to a new house. But good routers are expensive. So I’ve been putting this project off ever since. Then I found out about powerline ethernet adapters that turns your power outlets into ethernet lines. It’s pretty nifty, easy to install, reliable, and cheap. Right now, I have my eye on an ActionTec Megaplug that allows 85 Mbps connection. It’s not that fast but it will more than double my speed.

2. Fallout: New Vegas (PC) – $50
I know I promised myself not to buy a full priced game. But when it comes to Fallout games, I’ll buy it the moment it comes out. In addition to that, Fallout: New Vegas is also a marriage between the old and the new developers. The old being former developers from Black Isle (which is now Obsidian Entertainment) and Bethesda Software as the new developers. So I’m curious to see what kind of offspring this marriage has birthed.

3. Dragon Age: Awakening (PC) – $30
I like the Dragon Age: Origins. But I’ve managed to skip Dragon Age: Awakening, its expansion, because I’m waiting for its price to drop. Lucky for me, it’s now $10 cheaper. Though I think Steam might put this on sale this Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

4. Demon’s Souls (PS3) – $30
This is game is one of the reasons that I bought a PS3. I read many reviews and heard from a lot of people that Demon’s Souls is one of the best RPGs, and also one of the most challenging games ever made. I’m not much into hard games. But I’m really curious how hard this game is.

5. Brutal Legend (PS3) – $15
Another reason that I bought a gaming console. I’m a big fan of rock music and Tim Schaefer’s games, and I also liked School of Rock. Brutal Legend is like an amalgam of all those three things.

6. Y: The Last Man – Deluxe Edition, Book 4 – $20
Book 4 of Y: The Last Man. This is one of the best comic books ever written, and one of my favorite comics. So there’s no reason for me not to get it.

7. Wasteland: The Apocalyptic Edition 2 – $24
Aside from –sometimes– muddy artwork, this is an awesome post-apocalyptic comic book with a very unique setting. I bought the first book last year and I really, really liked it. Now, I can’t wait for the 2nd part of Wasteland to be released. I’m dying to find out what happens next.

8. Mockingjay – $9
I really loved The Hunger Games the first time I read it. So much that it made number 2 on my top 8 books in 2008. Unfortunately, the second book, Catching Fire, still sits on my shelf untouched. But I’m going to read it next month to catch up and move on to Mockingjay.

9. The Shiekh’s Batmobile – $11
This is a non-fiction book about finding American pop-culture in the Muslim world. I don’t really have much details other than that. But The Shiekh’s Batmobile certainly piqued my curiosity after I read its synopsis.

10: The Passage$16
The story of this book is about vampires who sucked the world dry, which is how it should be, and brought apocalypse to the world. The Passage seems like it is a break from all those teenage vampires in fiction we have nowadays. So count me in on this one. Because vampires + post-apocalyptic setting = win!

There, $270 in total. So I still have $30 extra in case something nice comes up. This list is not final, however. Since the Holidays are coming up, I know for sure that some these items will be put on sale. So, except for Fallout: New Vegas and the Powerline Adapter, I’ll wait for further price drops and discounts.


5 Responses to The Last 300

  1. I think they’re planning to make Y: The Last Man into a movie, starring that Transformers kid (Shia?).

  2. the scud says:

    i think im gonna do that too. set aside a specific amount of money to spend for myself this holidays. hindi na bili ng bili until i realize i have run out of money. :D

    you should read catching fire asap. id like to know what you think on how collins ended the series.

    • Skron says:

      Yes, making lists like these puts a cork on impulsive buying. I’m planning to make lists every three months from now on. I found out it’s effective, especially when I bought a PS3 with cash for not spending a lot in the last 3 months.

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