Chuck’s Back!

Agents Charles Carmichael and Michael Carmichael

So Chuck is back. Again! When I saw this show a couple years ago, and found out about its fan petitions, I thought that it won’t even get pass season 2. But here it is, season 4. Even if it’s against Dancing With The Stars, the show just won’t die. I guess that’s what happens when the fan-base, no matter how small, decides to do something to show their support in order to save their favorite show from being axed. But now that it is safe from the chopping block (for now at least), was Chuck really worth saving? So far, my answer is yes.

Entitled “Chuck vs. The Anniversary”, the 1st episode of the 4th season was okay. Chuck’s status quo have changed this time again. From being a spy in training during the last season to a retired spy [or a rogue spy?]. His mission is to find his long lost mother, who is played by Linda Hamilton, who also kicked-ass. Chuck gets his own “bat cave” this time, which is a secret basement full of standard sci-fi weaponry. The Buy More has also been re-tooled into a CIA/NSA sub-base. Disappointingly, all the Buy Morons have been replaced by secret agents, one of which is the sexy Olivia Munn. Dolph Lungdren guest stars in this episode too. Unfortunately, he was rather forgettable. I was kind of hoping to see him and Casey beating the crap out of each other.

So far, so good. But not good enough. The first episode was fun, yes. Although, it could’ve been better in a lot of ways. Like they could’ve showed us the Buy Morons. Or they could’ve made Lungdren a crazy killer like he was in Universal Soldier. They didn’t, however. Thankfully, the chemistry between the characters are still strong. They still made it fun. Plus, the pop-cultural references that I love are still littered everywhere on the show. But I do hope that the future episodes will be better than this one. Because I hate to see Chuck being put on the chopping block again.

Score: B


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