Black Diamond Sky

My body is still aching. My ears are still ringing. But last night’s concert made my 30th birthday a memorable one. Even though I spent it all by myself.

This is the 5th consecutive year that I spent my birthday alone. Sure, I always go out to dinner with my family on my birthdays. But I haven’t had huge parties, crazy drunk friends or a dinner date with a hot girl since 2005. In fact, last night was probably the noisiest and loudest birthday I’ve ever had since 1999.

Anyways, BLACKDIAMONDSKYE was the name of the concert. I bought the ticket for this tour the day after it was announced because: a) the headliners were all my favorite bands (Mastodon, Deftones and Alice in Chains), not just bands that I like; and b) the kick-off date of the tour was the same as my birthday. So, even then, I knew that my 30th birthday was going to kick-ass.

I did invite some of my friends to go see it with me though. While most of them aren’t too familiar with today’s music (they’re all stuck in the grunge era) they still remember Alice in Chains too well. Unfortunately, it’s a work night. So none of them could make it. But that was fine by me. Knowing that they all have huge appetites, I wasn’t keen on paying their meals at Ricobene’s –which I had [their Breaded Steak Sandwich] before going to the concert, and it was heavenly.

As I’ve said earlier, all the headliners were my favorite bands. Mastodon, Deftones and Alice in Chains. I’ve followed these bands ever since the first time I’ve heard their music. If Tool was part of the tour as well, it would’ve been a straight flush for me. But I guess that’s too much to ask. Putting these three bands together is already as rare as a planet alignment in the Sol system.

But, even without Tool, the concert rocked from start to finish. I had goose bumps from head to toe, and even inside my ear and mouth, when Mastodon opened the show with “Oblivion”. I think I shat in my pants when Brann Dailor (drummer) started hitting his tubs in “Crystal Skull”. Deftones’ set was awesome too. They played most of my favorite songs like “Be Quiet and Drive”, “Change” and “Sextape”. They also played “The Passenger” and I was hoping Maynard James Keenan (Tool) would show up and sing with Chino. But the vocalist of Rise Against came and helped Chino, instead. Lastly, Alice in Chains didn’t disappoint. I was expecting them to suck, quite frankly. Just because I didn’t know what to expect from William DuVall (the new vocalist). But, I have to say, he’s not trying to be Layne Staley, which is a very good thing. Their set was composed of songs from Dirt, which is one of my favorite albums of all time. So that made my day.

The concert was pretty fun. I enjoyed it a LOT. It wasn’t rough as well. Probably because the people surrounding me were mature ones. They danced and banged their heads but no whirling moshpits were started around me. Unlike in the Pledge of Allegiance tour back in 2001 where I was almost killed by moshing Slipknot Maggots. Probably my only regret in going to this concert is not having a camera with me. I didn’t bring one because I was afraid that it might get smashed on the moshpit. It would’ve been awesome if I have a picture of each set’s stage, even just a crappy one, to remember it by.

Anyways, if you haven’t heard the music of the bands I’ve been talking about. Then here are some samples. Hope you guys will like these songs.

“Crystal Skull” by Mastodon

“Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” by Deftones

“Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains


6 Responses to Black Diamond Sky

  1. Jo says:

    I’m seeing them tonight; this post makes me even more excited!

    • Skron says:

      You should be excited. I don’t think there’s any reason for you not to be. But the concert is awesome and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

      • Jo says:

        Thanks, it was fantastic. RE: your reply to the commenter below, the security gave me a chuckle because they had no idea who Mastodon was, but then I realized that only about 30% of the people who bought tickets watched them perform. It was only when Deftones got on stage that the other 70% (who’d been outside getting drinking) came in.

  2. I’m not really into these kind of music. Alice in Chains is kinda familiar though.

    • Skron says:

      I wouldn’t expect anyone to know Mastodon or Deftones that well. They aren’t that mainstream. Even some of the people in the concert last night didn’t know who Mastodon were. But Alice in Chains were big in the early 90’s. Not as big as Nirvana or even Pearl Jam, but they were still big.

  3. Amanda says:

    Dude, I am attending the show tonight for my birthday as well. I almost went alone, but traveled to another city to go with my brother. Huge deftones fan but I really like all three bands. Glad to hear rave reviews.

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