Echelon 3

We live in an age where every person seems to carry a cellphone, laptop or any kind of gadget with them. So I’m probably not the only one who name their gadgets. It’s one way to personalize your device, separating your iPod from his/her iPod. I named my first PC as Denton (the main character in Deus Ex). My current PC goes by name Helios (also taken from Deus Ex). I call my iPod Touch Kilgannon (the family name of Coheed and Cambria). My Nintendo DS, Ned. And the recent addition to my electronic family, a PS3, is Echelon 3.

Echelon 3's controller, held by Hellstar.

Echelon 3 (inspired by the game Deus Ex’s ECHELON Network), the PS3, is my birthday gift to myself and my prize for being frugal. For the past two months, from the time I came back from the Philippines and until yesterday (Jul 27 to Sept 14), I had myself under financial lockdown. I never bought anything (except for StarCraft II and a nail cutter), never saw any movies, nor ate any food outside during that time frame. I’ve even put my Netflix and comics subscriptions on hold (I resumed both services today). But all that sacrifice (being unable to eat gyros or pizzas) was worth it. Because I saved enough money to pay cash for a PS3 and a game (and I also lost 7 lbs).

So why did I buy a console? Well, I’ve always wanted to buy a gaming console ever since Final Fantasy X (PS2) was released. But I’ve never prioritized it, never put a lot thought of getting one. Last year, on my birthday, I ordered an Xbox 360 from Amazon but canceled it a few seconds later. I just didn’t find enough reasons to buy one. Now, however, with the release of games like Brutal Legend and Final Fantasy XIII, the ability of next-gen consoles to stream from Netflix, and the price-drops, I’d be stupid if I can’t find enough reasons to get a console.

But, of all the consoles, why a PS3? As a “hardcore” gamer, out of the three next-gen consoles, the PS3 and Xbox 360 were the only choice for me. I did consider buying a Wii, once a upon a time, but I can assure you that was only a brain fart. But I chose PS3 over Xbox 360 because of its games. I didn’t find games on Xbox 360 that I’d love to play (besides Fable II) that aren’t available on the PC or PS3. The PS3, however, have plenty of exclusive games (Demon’s Souls and God of War to name a few) that I dig. Streaming movies on Xbox 360 via Netflix also requires a $50/year LIVE Gold subscription, whereas you can stream for free on PS3. Xbox 360 also has a higher failure rate than the PS3, according to SqaureTrade.

Right now, Echelon 3 –until I’ve saved enough to buy a cheap 32′ TV– is currently hooked up on a 46′ TV down in the living room. So I can’t play with it whenever I want to because there are other people perusing the TV. Right now, for instance, I could’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII if it’s hooked on my own TV instead of writing this post.


2 Responses to Echelon 3

  1. gillboard says:

    welcome to the console gaming world!!!

    di mo naman sinabi na uuwi ka pala… sayang naman.

    • Skron says:

      No, I did say that I’ll be visiting the Philippines in my Life and Death post. I was even planning to meet up with some of you guys (you and Menthol-Guy especially). But I didn’t have enough time.

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