The Death of Chicago Comic Con

The guv'nor killed the comic book stars!

The Chicago Comic Con (officially known as Wizard World Chicago) is the only summer event that I really look forward to. During the last two years, ever since I re-entered the world of comic books, I never missed going to the cons. I had tons of fun attending them. Whether I’m standing in line –really long lines– to get my books signed or scoring a sweet deal on graphic novels, I enjoyed every bit of it. So I actually thought that going to the con would become a summer tradition for me. But I was wrong. Since I skipped this year’s Chicago Comic Con because it simply sucked.

I always had this sinking feeling that Wizard World Chicago isn’t the best comic book convention in the world. Except that I had no way of proving that to myself since it’s the first and the only con I’ve been to. You can’t tell if caviar is really better than cheese when all you had tasted is cheese, you know. But by looking at the pictures taken from SDCC or NYCC, the Chicago Comic Con is way behind the two. They had tons of A-list names and exhibitors at their events, while Wizard World only have washed out wrestlers and an exhibitors area that resembles a flea market.

But this year’s show really convinced me that Chicago Comic Con is just horrible. When I snooped around their site weeks ago, I saw that their guest list only have a handful of people from the comics industry. No Marvel or DC. Just mostly B-list actors. But what really killed the show was the appearance of –drum roll, please– ex-Illinois Governor, Rob Blagojevich. That was a big WTF moment for me when I saw that in the news. A politician, a corrupt politician who just got charged of lying to the FBI, on a comics convention? This dude has his own booth too, signing autographs for $50 and posing for pictures for $80. What The Fuck?! Right?

It’s a good thing that we now have C2E2. This con is way much better than Wizard World.


4 Responses to The Death of Chicago Comic Con

  1. B says:

    I went to SDCC this year and since then my mom likes to comment on Cons she sees in the news. Even she was WTF about Ex-Governor and she doesn’t know anything about Comics! I just don’t get it. Why would you even want to be associated with him?

    • Skron says:

      I know, right? But, man, I envy you going to SDCC. I’m still saving money for that one. Because I know I need tons for that. You know, lodging and shipping for everything I’ll buy on the show.

  2. gillboard says:

    i know wizardworld isn’t doing very well these days. such a shame really, their magazine got me hooked on comicbooks once upon a time.

    • Skron says:

      ’08 was fun, Man. 09′, not so much but still fine. This year is the worst. Now that we have C2E2 (the same production as NYCC), I don’t know if Wizard World will still be here next year.

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