Life and Death

I’ll be spending the rest of July in the Philippines. At first, I thought, I was only going back there for one reason. But, today, I found out there will be two.

The first reason is to celebrate Life. My Grandmother is turning 100 years old, and she’s still kick-ass. She remembers all our names –my cousins and mine– and can even give you anecdotes of what happened during our childhood. In short, she’s not senile. Her party has been planned in months. So it’s going to be grand.

The second reason is to celebrate Death. This afternoon –while I was getting ready to post my review of The Last Airbender— I found out that my friend, schoolmate/classmate since grade school and band mate died in a Motorcycle vs. Stupid Drunk Driver accident. He was pronounced DOA. His death was so abrupt. So I’m at a loss.

The good ol' days. Rest in Peace, Francis Mark Babol (the handsome bassist in a striped shirt).


4 Responses to Life and Death

  1. daredevilry says:

    sorry to hear about your friend.

  2. Arsenio says:

    My condolences. And good to hear you’re visiting here.

    And I have been also contemplating on moving to wordpress, if time permits.

    Take care dude!

  3. gillboard says:

    may he rest in peace.

    hope you’re okay.

  4. Skron says:

    Thanks for the sympathy guys. Sorry, I wasn’t able to reply right away.

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